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Zero Bills homes are energy efficient properties with solar panels, storage, and smart tech to help residents live in comfort with zero energy bills for at least 5 years, guaranteed.

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What makes a Zero Bills home?

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How to Reduce Your Energy Bills — or Even Pay Nothing At All The winter heating season is looming and finances remain strained, but UK homes are getting the chance to cut energy bills — or even pay nothing at all — by effectively becoming mini power plants.
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Octopus launches clean energy scheme with no bills for householders Power supplier and home builder say renewable power plan will transform UK market
Big energy firm offers customers no bills for 5 years saving them £1,800 a year Octopus Energy has announced a major announcement for bill payers - saying Zero Bills homes will be kitted out with green technology, which means households won't have to pay energy bills for at least five years

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Dedicated Account Manager to guide you through to the launch of Octopus ZERO™

Octopus Calculation of the properties and property types in your portfolio and/or pipeline

Octopus ZERO™ accreditation — the ‘Zero Bills stamp’

Installation services for hardware including heat pumps, solar PV, batteries and metering

Let's build the new standard

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Frequently asked questions

Developer questions

What is the minimum hardware spec requirement for Zero Bills to apply?


Zero Bills homes generate more energy than they consume. To achieve this, the house must be off the gas grid (ie use electric heating), and be kitted out with solar PV and a battery. We will assess, for a given design, the minimum hardware requirements to be eligible for Zero Bills.

How can I assess whether my housing portfolio is eligible for Zero Bills?


Register your interest and we’ll send you a data form to complete, with one row per plot that you would like to assess for eligibility. We will then run our analysis and let you know which plots are eligible, and recommending design changes that would unlock eligibility for others.

Is Zero Bills available on any house type, old or new?


We are happy to assess any housing stock for Octopus Zero compatibility, but practically, the thermal characteristics must be at least as good as current new build regulations. Retrofit that achieves this works just as well as new build for the purposes of the proposition.

Is Zero Bills offered no matter the geographical location of the home? (For example, Scotland is cooler/less sunny than Southern England)


Yes. As long as the design is able to fulfil the requirements, we are happy to offer the Zero Bill. In Scotland, that is likely to mean a larger solar array and better thermal insulation as minimum requirements.

How can Zero Bills affect the value of a home?


On average, Zero Bills properties receive a higher valuation and sell quicker than their bill-paying counterparts. In a pilot scheme carried out with ilke Homes and Gresham House, Zero Bills homes sold quicker and were valued at 10.7% more than non-Zero Bills homes.

Customer questions

Is there a minimum guaranteed term for which Zero Bills will be offered per home?


We currently guarantee to offer the Zero Bill for 5 years. This will be updated over time.

Is there a fair usage in terms of hot water and heat?


To make it as simple as possible, we have only one Fair Use Allowance – on total electricity across the year. This is set at approximately double the expected usage, so customers should only exceed this if they have very high heating preferences.

What happens if the homeowner exceeds the fair usage?


The customer will be billed at our Flexible Octopus unit rate (still no standing charge) for energy electricity imported above the Fair Use Allowance, with billing done on an annual basis.

What happens if the hardware (ie solar or battery) fails?


If the above conditions are not met, we reserve the right to move the customer to a different tariff (likely Standard Variable Tariff or Smart Export Guarantee). However, we would not do this for the short period while the hardware is fixed.

Can homeowners still benefit from EV charging with Zero Bills?


EV charging is not included within the Zero Bills allowance, but will be billed separately at Intelligent Octopus tariff unit rates. The rest of the home’s energy needs remain free.

How does a customer sign up to Zero Bills?


Once the developer has obtained the accreditation, activating a Zero Bills home is easy. We’ll send the householder a Welcome Pack on move-in day, including a dedicated Octopus Energy weblink with simple steps to follow online.

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