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Do you like getting more bang for your buck? Look no further.

Octoplus is our new reward scheme where smart meter customers can earn money for making smarter energy choices. Eligible customers can earn Octopoints by taking part in Saving Sessions, and keeping their account in tip top shape.

For now you can turn your Octopoints into account credit and multiply their value, but we've also got lots of other exciting rewards!

Free electricity when the grid is greenest

Octoplus is our super unique rewards scheme that takes advantage of the half hourly pricing of electricity which changes depending on how many people are using energy. When there are fewer people using the grid, you can get super green and cheap energy.

So, the scheme works by dropping you an email a few hours or even a day ahead letting you know a Free Electricity Session is coming up! You can choose to opt in and use as much energy as you can (safely). We'll then credit all your usage back to your Octopus balance. So you're using energy and making money!

Get paid to use less energy when the grid is dirtiest in Saving Sessions

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You can also earn Octopoints by taking part in our wildly popular Saving Sessions. 700,000 customers took part last winter and reduced their electricity usage in over a dozen sessions.

We'll let you know the time of the session from a few hours to a day before, so you can reduce your electricity usage, and get paid in Octopoints for your efforts.

What do you get with Octoplus?

The average customer can get £270 in value out of Octoplus this year, through perks including:

  • Exclusive turbo-charged spins of the wheel
  • Extra points for friend referrals and solar referrals
  • Free weekly coffee from Greggs
  • Discounted Odeon cinema tickets
  • National Trust days out and more...

Access all these rewards through the app and online!

To benefit from Octoplus all you need is to:

Then you'll be able to sign up to Octoplus online or on the app.

Octoplus explained in one minute:

Why are we doing this?

We're committed to keeping prices as low as possible for our customers while supporting them every step of the way. With Octoplus, we're giving customers even more ways to control their energy usage, ensuring they have the power to manage their bills effectively.

By rewarding smart meter customers through Octoplus, we're not only helping them save money but also empowering them to play a crucial role in the green energy revolution. Our goal is to transform the UK's energy grid by giving customers the tools and incentives they need to take charge of their energy consumption. Together, we can make a real difference in building a sustainable future for generations to come.

Of course, this is just one of the many ways we are supporting customers, alongside keeping bills low, offering innovative smart tariffs and direct financial support through our £30 million Octo Assist Fund to help those most in need.

Don't miss out, download our app

Download our award winning Octopus app and enable push notifications to get real time Octoplus updates. It's also pretty epic for day to day meter readings, bills, energy usage and more.

Download the app for iOS (Apple) here

Download the app for Android here

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