Go further for less with an EV home charger

Save 88% vs public charging when you power up at home

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  • ⚡️ Cut your EV charging costs by an extra ~70% on Intelligent Octopus Go vs price cap tariff rates.
  • ⚡️ Fast expert installation from just £899: includes everything you need for immediate home charging.
  • ⚡️ Rated 5 stars for customer service: our trusted team handle everything from quote to tariff support.
  • ⚡️ Premium home chargers from industry-leading brands: Ohme and myenergyi.


Our chargers

myenergi zappi Best with solar

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Ohme Home Pro Most popular

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Ohme ePod Most compact

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All of our chargers are:

  • Compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go and Octopus Go so you have access to super low smart charging rates every night.
  • Overnight charge capable at 7.4kW (that's around 25mi/hr)
  • Type 2 connector: compatible with most plug-in EVs
  • App controlled for maximum convenience & efficiency

How it works

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Get an instant quote & pay online

Your fixed price includes the cost of the charger, an optional tethered charging cable and everything you’ll need for a standard installation. We'll check whether you're eligible for any grants too.

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Installation takes around 4 hours

We handle everything in-house, so once your installation date is locked in, fitting your charger will be smooth & speedy. Our customer support team & highly-qualified engineers will be on hand to support you, every step of the way.

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Save on charging with a smart tariff

Sign up to a green smart tariff and start saving as soon as installation is complete. Plus our dedicated team will be available 7 days a week to support with any queries you have post-installation.


Rated 5 stars for customer service from 310,676 reviews.


Your one-stop-shop for EV charging

Get cheaper, more convenient charging at home and on-the-go
with our smart tariffs and the Electroverse card and app. Octopus have got you covered.

Smart cheap charging

Save up to 70% with an EV smart tariff

  • Charge up while you sleep with one of our cutting-edge EV tariffs, like Intelligent Octopus Go. And get 100% green electricity with no exit fees
  • Super cheap overnight charging rates and smart home integration help you power up when energy is cheapest and greenest.
  • Check out our smart tariff quiz to find the perfect match for your home.

Public charging made simple
with Electroverse

  • Get one-tap access to more than 700,000 chargers across the UK & Europe.
  • With Octopus Electroverse you get one card, one app and one bill with access to thousands of chargers, all in one place.
  • All of this with zero added costs or on-going fees.

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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn't answered here, check out our full FAQ page for more.

What do you mean by 'tethered' and 'untethered' cables?


'Tethered' means there is a cable permanently attached to the charging box at one end.

'Untethered' means that a cable plugs into your car at one end and the box at the other. So you’ll be able to source your own cable to charge your EV. For example, the one that was delivered with your EV.

What size cable do I need for an EV charger?


Your cable will need to be long enough to comfortably reach your EV from your chargepoint. Depending on the brand you chose, the cables of our tethered EV chargers are between 5 and 8 metres long. Generally, this is enough for most houses where the box is on the outside of the house and the car is parked on a driveway.

What does a 'standard installation' involve?


Our EV chargepoint installations are grouped into three categories.

They consider different factors that help us estimate how complex the installation is going to be:

  • Where do you want your charger to be fitted?
  • How long will it take to run a cable from your main fuse box to your charger?
  • Will we need to drill through any walls?

A standard installation is included in the price of your charger. But if the installation is more complex and our engineers will need to spend more time at your home, it’ll cost a bit more.


Every home is different and you might want something more complex. For example, fixing your chargepoint to a pole or hiding cables under floorboards. In these cases, we’ll prepare a custom quote for you.

Our claims explained


Save 88% vs public charging when you power up at home

We obtained this figure by comparing the cost to charge an EV on the public charging network vs charging on our IO GO tariff. To calculate the rate for charging on the public charging network, we used data from zapmap, who calculated the weighted average price** to charge an electric car on the public charging network, in May 2024, to be 57p/kWh on slow/fast chargers and 80p/kWh for rapid/ultra-rapid chargers.

To calculate the the savings, we compared the cost to charge an EV on IO GO against the cost to charge on the slow/fast chargers at 57p/kWh. Assuming you charge your car on our IO GO tariff, and only at the off peak hours, you are charged a rate of 7p/kWh. This is 50p (or 88%) cheaper than the average rate to charge on a slow/fast charger on the public charging network.

** Using an average efficiency EV* this equates to 17 pence per mile and 24 pence per mile respectively.


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