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Octopus Go

The energy tariff that puts you in control

The smart tariff with super cheap electricity between 00:30 - 04:30 every night

Fill up for a tenth of the price of a traditional car with Octopus Go, and keep your fuel costs around 3p per mile

To join Octopus Go you need to...

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Be an Octopus Energy customer

If you're not with us yet, sign up below and you'll join us on one of our standard tariffs initially while we connect all the dots behind the scenes.

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Have an electric car and a home EV charger

Our Octopus Go Tariff is designed for customers who either own or long-term lease a battery electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid vehicle that they'll be charging at home, so you need one to join. If you're in the process of getting one and have an order number to hand, we can switch you so that you're ready to charge once your vehicle arrives.

Smart meter installation

Have a smart meter we can connect to

We can connect to second generation (SMETS2) meters, and some types of first generation (SMETS1) smart meters.

Have a smart meter we can connect to We can connect to second generation (SMETS2) meters, and some types of first generation (SMETS1) smart meters.

How do I know what type I have?

If you have a compatible smart meter already, you're all set. If you don't have a smart meter yet, or you have a different type of smart meter, you can still start the switch to Octopus Go below, but you'll need to stay on one of our standard tariffs while we get you Octopus Go-ready.

In some cases, this could take weeks, or might not be possible at all if your home isn't suitable for a smart meter — but you're able to switch away any time with no exit fees. Read more on this.

Hang tight while we connect to your smart meter

It generally takes us around 14 days to connect to a smart meter so we can read it remotely – whether it's one we've just installed, or one we're taking over after you switch to us. Read more on this.

Pencil and paper

Accept our Terms & Conditions via email

Once we're connected and getting half–hourly readings from your smart meter, we'll send you an email asking you to accept the Terms & Conditions of Octopus Go to complete your switch. Have a read of our smart tariff Terms & Conditions now.

You're good to Octopus Go

Your tariff will change automatically to Octopus Go. You should see the change straight away on your online account.

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Want to check Octopus Go rates in your area?

We’ve answered all your Octopus Go questions over on our Go FAQs.

Have solar panels? Good to know: you can only pair Octopus Go with certain export tariffs.

Intelligent Octopus Go is the next generation of charging.

Get access to Intelligent Octopus Go to always smart charge your car with super cheap electricity and drive from only 2.4p per mile.

See if you're ready for Intelligent Octopus Go

Octopus Go is a product of our labs, available now to customers through our beta programme

You'll need a SMETS2 smart meter, or some types of first generation (SMETS1) smart meters, that we can receive half-hourly consumption data from.

Don't have a suitable smart meter?

Start your switch below to register your interest for a smart meter. The smart meter installation comes at no extra cost.

Once you've registered your interest, our team will be in contact when we have an appointment in your area.

Octopus Go is a beta product. Some things may not work the first time, and installations and processes may take longer than we'd like. Third party tech like In-home Displays won't always work, and on occasion data issues with smart meters can take significant time to fix or prevent things from working at all.

If you're cool with this, and you'd still like to work with us to make world-changing energy tariffs a reality, check this box so we know you're on board. You will always be able to switch to one of our fairly priced standard tariffs at any time.

Already an Octopus customer?

Log in to your account to switch to Octopus Go through your online dashboard.

Not yet with Octopus?

No problem. We'll get you up and running, and install a smart meter if you need one at no extra charge.

Octopus Go is a cutting edge innovation created by Octopus's unique technology. Unlike products available from other companies, it relies on a smart meter system (which as our Founder Greg explains here, is not always fully reliable). Some customers have experienced delays. However, of the thousands of customers on these smart tariffs, the vast majority are now experiencing smooth service.

Why Octopus?

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Great value for the long term

Our standard prices have always been cheaper than any large supplier

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The UK's most awarded energy supplier

We've won more awards for customer service than anyone else.

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The only accredited energy supplier

100% green energy

All our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water

Don't take our word for it.

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