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Businesses can now join our No Standing Charge Tariff

We’ve released a new tariff with no standing charge. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada!

That means no fixed daily payment amount.

Instead, you only pay according to what you use.

We think it’s simple, innovative and what many businesses say works for them.

Supporting our customers

Here, you can find support, resources and blogs covering everything you need to know about the support available from Octopus and other organisations.

Case Study: how locational pricing could save businesses (and everyone) on bills

Assessing the impact that large demand users siting in response to locational prices - moving from South to North - could have on their bills, all GB consumer bills, carbon emissions and the need for new network infrastructure.

Driving a clean heating system: turning an imperative into an upgrade

Today, the dominant form of heating in the UK is gas boilers. We are very aware of this, so much so that we’re currently one of the nation’s biggest suppliers of natural gas. And as a company who loves our customers we do the best possible job for them.

Winter is one of the best times to invest in solar. Here’s why…

4 reasons why there's no time like the present to get solar PV and battery installed at home.

Report: Consumer flexibility - ready to replace coal

This paper analyses the results from Octopus Energy’s Saving Sessions campaign - part of ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service and the largest ever consumer flexibility campaign. Over 700,000 customers shifted over 1.86GWh of demand flexibility, proving that consumer flexibility is ready to deliver a low-carbon, cost-effective resource to the grid at gigawatt scale today. We look at key results, including customer response and participation levels, as well as recommendations for the future of the Demand Flexibility Service, due to launch in November 2023.

Report: The Grid - the change needed to get renewables connected sooner

The GB grid is broken. Renewable developers are facing queues of up to 15 years to get projects connected. In this paper, we make six recommendations - across a number of different areas that should allow networks to make better use of consumer flexibility to manage constraints, provide users with better visibility about where it's most system-beneficial to connect, and changes which should reduce the time it takes to connect.

Report: Local Flexibility Markets - Future Proofed

This paper looks at the evolving mix of technologies connecting to distribution networks, and assesses what new challenges and opportunities they introduce that should inform local market design. We review the current tools being used to manage local congestion (DNO flexibility markets, dynamic distribution charging and flexible connections), their pros and cons, and recommend a new vision for future local flexibility markets (dynamic distribution charging) that we think will be more resilient to many of these emerging challenges.

We're supporting NMITE: the unique school training the engineers of the future

The New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE), is a cutting-edge engineering institute designed to hone the engineers of tomorrow. Read our blog to find out more about our partnership with them.

What is a standing charge?

Everything you need to know about a standing charges.

Spotlight on... Meg, illustrator of Octopuses

Spotlight on...designer Meg

How much can you save with a heat pump?

Save up to £220 with a heat pump on our Cosy Octopus tariff. Green heating boffin Aimee crunches the numbers of Octopus Energy heat pump customers to see how much they've saved

The Octopus Energy Equality Foundation

We’re beyond pleased to tell you about our own official charity: the Octopus Energy Equality Foundation.

Spotlight on… OES Team leader Ceri

Spotlight on… OES Team leader Ceri, the team leader in charge of getting our smart meters and heat pumps to your front doors.

The Cosy 6 heat pump: revolutionising heating the Octopus way

We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest milestone in the quest for cheaper, greener, smarter home heating: the 'Cosy 6' heat pump.

The EQUINOX heat pump trial 2023/24

EQUINOX is a trial exploring ways we can make green heating cheaper and greener. This blog covers how EQUINOX works, what we learnt from the last trial, what's happening with EQUINOX this winter (2023-24) - and crucially, how to get involved!

Energy prices from October, and what they mean for you

Information on discounted prices from October 2023 including a breakdown of rates and charges for every region on Flexible Octopus.

Everything you need to know about solar installation with Octopus Energy

We’ve covered some of the main questions about getting solar panels in this blog, as well as a little bit about how Octopus helps with the process.

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