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Accelerating the green revolution with Electric Juice

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Octopus Energy Services: the smart hardware experts

Meet our smart hardware installers, Octopus Energy Services.

Here's everything you need to know about getting a smart meter with Octopus, get to know our super talented bunch of octo-engineers, find out how they solve problems on the ground, and how they're turning Octopus' vision for a smarter, greener energy system into a reality.

What makes a good business leader?

The second installment of a business advice series from Octopus Energy's Founder. In this blog Greg's own leadership style is under the microscope.

Electric Vehicle Charging for Home and Work

Access to an EV charger at home or at work helps you to charge cheaply, and make the most of the most convenient, low-cost energy tariffs, created especially for EV drivers

An update on smart meter installations, August 2020

After coronavirus put a hold on installations,.there’s a been huge appetite for Octopus’s smart tariffs and the smart meters that enable them. Here's how we're rising to meet the challenge.

Web accessibility at Octopus Energy

Disability isn’t inherent - disabilities arise when society is built in a way that doesn’t take people's needs into account. In other words, it’s our job to cater for each of our customers, whatever their access needs.

We wanted to write a little about the work that goes into building our website, customer experience and communications in the most inclusive way possible.

Spotlight on... Wenye, Back-End Developer

Aliya chats to Kraken Tech back-end dev Wenye Zhao about coding the links to connect smart meters, lockdown hobbies, and what it's like working for a green, agile company like ours.

Not leaving anyone behind

COVID-19 update: our sales teams have stopped all activity due to lockdown. We're constantly reviewing government advice and will update with any changes here. Read our full, regularly-updated section on Covid-safe door-to-door conversations in our blog.

Our team of energy experts knock doors and make calls around the UK to help people think about switching to our affordable, renewable power. Here's a little info about this part of our business.

Wholesale energy price watch

In this blog series, our energy procurement team will give the scoop on the market conditions that have led to particular changes in our Agile tariff's rates.

Everything you need to know about your new smart meter

You've gone smart with Octopus Energy. Nice one! Here’s everything you need to know about life with a smart meter.

The state of wholesale energy costs in 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. We unpack what this has meant for wholesale energy prices.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, with our black colleagues and customers, and with the entire Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, with our black colleagues and customers, and with the entire Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community.

Here’s some words from our founder Greg on the steps we’re taking in light of the crucial conversations being had within Octopus Energy this past week.

Questions about your statement? We’re here to help

Occasionally your statement can throw up something confusing or unexpected. In this blog we’ll break it all down for you!

Spotlight on... Team Z, our Leicester Business Powerhouse

The beating heart of Octopus Energy for Business is our Leicester Team Z, and they really get down to business, chatting to customers every day about their energy needs. 

A groundbreaking smart energy trial with Powervault and AgileOctopus

Octopus and Powervault are over the Moon to be able to announce a groundbreaking smart trial, paving the way for a smarter, greener energy system.

The Big Switch On: Can we make the most of renewable energy when it’s available?

Can everyday homes help balance a greener grid?

How to hack your home for cheaper, greener, energy with our open API

Smart-energy pioneers are using our agile API to hack their homes for the cheapest, greenest energy anywhere - find out how to do the same!

The Warm Home Discount: everything you need to know

We're offering the Warm Home Discount to eligible customers in 2021. Read on to find out everything you need to know about applying and qualifying for this £140 rebate!

How Octopus Energy is working to handle Coronavirus

Everything you need to know about your energy during the current crisis – from paying bills to topping up prepayment meters to getting in touch with our team.

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