Octopus Energy integrates with Amazon Alexa to optimize smart home energy use

First-ever integration with dynamic time-of-use tariffs allows users to manage energy through voice automation

  • Partnership allows consumers to use Alexa to adjust energy usage based on half-hourly price changes offered by Agile Octopus, the first-ever smart time-of-use tariff
  • Alexa is enabled in over 100 million devices globally that manage all facets of the smart home, including speakers, lights, door locks, heaters and more
  • Integration reflects the growth of smart homes and the role that smart energy systems can play within them

LONDON, 18 March 2019: Octopus Energy has today announced the integration of Agile Octopus, UK’s only smart time-of-use tariff, with Amazon Alexa, becoming the first energy company to allow customers to benefit from real-time energy pricing using voice automation.

The integration provides a glimpse into the future smart home, with customers being able to enjoy full visibility over their energy consumption using Octopus, while managing usage via their voice using Alexa for the first time. Agile users will be able to directly engage with their energy use by asking Alexa a range of questions about their energy use such as when electricity is cheapest or more expensive and plan accordingly, saving money and curbing carbon emissions.

When the Agile Octopus tariff was launched last year, Octopus Energy saw consumers modifying their behaviour to consume energy at off-peak times, saving up to £229 compared with the large legacy supplier standard tariff. Last December, Octopus integrated Agile with If This Then That (IFTTT), a platform that allows users to link various devices and apps together through input triggers and output actions to automate energy usage. By linking with intelligent devices, including smart plugs and appliances such as Hive, Tado and Philips Hue, Octopus customers are able to optimise their smart homes by automatically adjusting energy usage based on half-hourly price changes.

The integration with Amazon Alexa takes the platform’s smart home capabilities a step further by allowing customers to use voice controls to conduct a range of actions, such as asking when the electricity prices are lowest or highest to help decide when to schedule heavy energy consumption, such as charging an electric car when prices are the lowest. Alexa is enabled in over 100 million devices globally that manage all facets of the smart home, including lights, door locks, heaters and more, allowing customers to seamlessly marry Octopus-provided rates with a vast range of smart home capabilities.

“Our integration with Amazon Alexa lets customers interact with their energy in an entirely new way. By integrating with a service used by millions, we hope to popularise the energy efficient smart homes needed sustainable future and save customers money in the process,” said Greg Jackson, CEO, Octopus Energy. “Smart homes are fundamental to the transition to a carbon free energy system. By ensuring consumers see energy consumption as dynamic, and in providing the right technology, we aim to reimagine how people think about how they use energy,”

For more information on Amazon Alexa and Octopus visit octopus.energy/blog/alexa and on Agile Octopus octopus.energy/agile.


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