EVs made easy: Octopus Energy and Stellantis partner to accelerate electric car uptake

  • Strategic partnership provides new and existing customers from Stellantis’ brands - including Citroën, Fiat, DS Automobiles, Jeep and Peugeot - with greater home & public charging support
  • Deal will offer 100% renewable power to Stellantis customers who drive EVs
  • Octopus Energy’s smart tariff ‘Intelligent Octopus’ and Ohme’s home charger to provide easy access to cheaper energy

London, 19th December 2022 - Octopus Energy today announces a strategic partnership with Stellantis, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. The deal encourages customers of Stellantis’ brands to make the switch to an EV, benefiting from lower running costs by switching to the UK’s fastest growing green energy provider.

Six of the brands under the Stellantis umbrella - Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, DS, Jeep and Alfa Romeo - will offer customers access to the Octopus EV bundle. This includes the innovative smart charging tariff, Intelligent Octopus, which allows access to cheaper, greener charging overnight - optimised with the Ohme Wallbox home charger, which is also part of the package. New customers will have the additional perk of an initial £25 off their bill.

Drivers will also have access to more than 330,000 chargers across Europe through Octopus’ charging roaming network, Electric Universe - making public charging easy with just one card, one bill and a straightforward app. The offer will also be available to existing Octopus Energy customers who have already purchased an EV from one of the participating Stellantis brands.

The partnership builds on Octopus’ recent partnership with Vauxhall, amongst other brands, as Octopus continues to build on its position as the energy supplier of choice for electric car manufacturers.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Chief Product Officer at Octopus Energy, comments: “Transport still accounts for a massive chunk of global emissions, so switching away from old school petrol and diesel cars will be crucial for reaching net zero.

“Going electric is a win-win-win: cleaning up the air we breathe, decarbonising our roads and putting money back in people’s pockets. We are over the moon to be partnering with Stellantis to help make the process of going green as smooth as possible for their customers.”

Paul Willcox, Managing Director, Stellantis UK, said: “Our partnership with Octopus Energy allows us to offer electric vehicle customers greater support and services to enjoy the freedom of driving an EV at home and on the road. We’re pleased to be continuing to provide drivers with access to charging in an affordable, efficient, and environmentally beneficial way with added ease.”

Octopus Energy has been driving the UK’s transition to electric vehicles for more than three years. Launched in June 2018, its revolutionary ‘Octopus Go’ tariff was the UK’s first ‘time of use’ tariff designed specifically for EV owners, offering four hours of cheap green electricity every night. The partnership begins with Stellantis’ participating brands on 9th December 2022. ‘Intelligent Octopus’ builds on the success of ‘Octopus Go’, extending the cheaper nighttime rate to six hours while introducing the UK’s first smart charging solution for EVs, which optimises the car’s charging schedule to the very greenest and cheapest times.

The offer is available now. For more information about the offer please visit the pages of Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and DS.


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