Supercharged! Arsenal and Octopus Energy install electric car charging for fans at Emirates Stadium

  • Arsenal bolsters climate commitment with new 100% green electricity charging stations at Emirates Stadium
  • Three 7 kW electric vehicle chargers installed in fan parking zone by energy tech pioneer Octopus Energy
  • New chargers are the latest project in Arsenal’s and Octopus Energy’s enduring sustainability partnership

London, 21st May 2021 - Arsenal and green energy supplier Octopus Energy Group today announce a joint sustainability initiative to fit the Emirates Stadium with electric vehicle (EV) chargers for fans.

Three new 7 kWh chargers have been installed in the fan parking zone at the stadium in north London, offering 100% renewable electricity to EV drivers during games. The chargers have been outfitted with Octopus Energy branding and can charge 14 kWh during a standard football match – the equivalent of a two hour drive after a game.

Arsenal and Octopus Energy have been working together for more than five years to make the club more sustainable and the new EV chargers are the latest in a long line of initiatives that the club has undertaken. These include holding sustainability classes for local children through Arsenal in the Community and planting 500 trees at the club’s London Colney training centre, adding to the 29,000 that have been planted since 1999 to make Colney Wood. Emirates Stadium was the first UK Premier League stadium to have a large-scale battery installed, which can store enough green electricity to power the stadium for an entire game. The stadium has been powered with 100% renewable electricity supplied by Octopus Energy since 2017.

To celebrate the installation of the new chargers, Arsenal Under-15’s goalkeeper Alexei Rojas Fedorushchenko interviewed first team members Hector Bellerin, Pablo Mari and Bernd Leno to learn about their views on sustainability, green energy and protecting the environment.

Talking about his role in incentivising more people to go green, Hector Bellerin, Arsenal defender, commented: “Definitely when we have a bigger platform, we have some social responsibility to be positive and raise awareness about different things, environmentally and ethically. Sustainability is not only what happens to the environment but about ethics and being a humanitarian.”

Mike Lloyd, Sustainability and Logistics Manager at Arsenal said: “We’re proud to reveal the new EV chargers at Emirates Stadium, adding to the long list of sustainable initiatives we’ve launched together.

“From a practical point of view, the installation of the chargers is very important to ensure we cater for our fans as EVs become more widely used. As a Premier League football club with a huge global following, it’s also crucial that we use our platform to promote green practices, inspire our communities and push each other towards a more sustainable future. This is just the beginning and hopefully as the numbers of electric vehicles on the roads increase, we can match that with the facilities here at Emirates Stadium.

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Global Product & Marketing Director at Octopus Energy, commented: “Our partnership with Arsenal has been a focal point for Octopus Energy in our first five years. The transformation that we’ve achieved together over the past years is incredible, and I hope we’ll continue to push the boundaries of what a sustainable football club looks like.

“The latest initiative of installing electric vehicle chargers in the fan parking bays is a signal to Arsenal’s supporters that we are driving the clean transport revolution, providing the infrastructure and green energy needed to move us to net zero. Once the Emirates Stadium opens its doors to the public again, EV drivers will be able to drive up for a game, leave their EV to charge while they’re watching the match and come back to a battery charged up with green energy - for sustainable football fans it doesn’t get much better than that.”

To view the video announcing the next step of the partnership, please click here.


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