Octopus Energy boosts energy tech revolution with 4,000 new jobs

  • Roles ranging from heat pump engineers and solar installers to operations personnel
  • Recruitment process sped up by the UK’s first hiring festival ‘OctoPalooza’
  • Move to help accelerate the rollout of clean tech and grow the economy

London, 11th March 2024 - Energy and tech group Octopus Energy is expanding its services division with plans to onboard 3,000-4,000 new team members this year alone to accelerate the rollout of clean energy tech across the country.

Roles on offer include heat pump engineers, solar and EV charger installers, delivery drivers and operations personnel.

The hiring drive comes as Octopus Energy continues to spearhead the adoption of smart home technology and fortifies its workforce to meet the burgeoning demand for heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicle chargers.

To speed up the hiring process, Octopus created ‘OctoPalooza’ – the UK’s first same-day hiring festival designed to attract top talent and rapidly expand its services workforce.

The carefully planned regional jobs fairs allow aspiring candidates to immerse themselves into the company’s vibrant culture, partake in hiring tests, and potentially get hired on the spot.

Octopus is planning to hold the hiring festival once a month in different locations across the country, expecting to hire hundreds of engineers at each event.

Launched in January, the first three ‘OctoPaloozas’ in Manchester, London and Peterborough saw more than 600 prospective candidates attend, with Octopus recruiting almost 400 new staff into their team on the same day.

The family-friendly festival also offers free food, refreshments and activities for kids, allowing everyone, no matter their circumstances, to take part and find an exciting new career.

Octopus has been named one of the UK’s ‘Best Places to Work’ by the Sunday Times and Glassdoor. Last year the company received 260,000 applications for 2,000 jobs – 1,200 of which were hired into the company’s services division.

It comes as demand for heat pumps surges. Latest figures by the government show that applications for the heat pump grant are up by 39% compared to the year before*. Octopus Energy already has over 100,000 customers waiting to get a heat pump installed.

John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services, commented: "In true Octopus fashion, we’ve thought creatively to speed up the process of hiring the UK’s best talent into sustainable services jobs.

“OctoPalooza is our version of F1’s pitstop process – turbocharging the time it takes to hire exceptional people into future-proof jobs that fit around their lives, not the other way around.

“We’re creating 3,000-4,000 new jobs this year alone which will help boost the British economy and drive prosperity across all regions.”

‘OctoPalooza’ stands as a testament to Octopus Energy's commitment to inclusivity and innovation, offering a dynamic platform for individuals of all backgrounds and skill sets to explore different career possibilities within the energy tech industry.

The next ‘OctoPalooza’ events will be touching down in Oxford (22nd March) and Kent (10th April).

Those who would like to sign up for ‘OctoPalooza’ or just looking for a future career in sustainability can apply at the Octopus Energy Services recruitment page here.


Notes to editors:

* Applications for Boiler Upgrade Scheme (DESNZ, 29th February 2024)

For more information on OctoPalooza, please check out this supporting video from the London event

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