Statement from Octopus Energy on Avro Energy

Octopus Energy have been appointed by the energy regulator Ofgem to look after the customers of Avro Energy, which is undergoing administration.

Our responsibility is to ensure that Avro’s customers are well looked after. We offered to take on this responsibility because we believe that our technology platform (Kraken) will make the change as smooth and straightforward for their customers as possible.

We have a strong track record in large customer migrations and would like to reassure customers that there will be no interruption or impact to their energy supply. If they have credit with Avro, it is protected, and will be moved to their Octopus Energy account for them to access when they have been moved to our systems.

We’re asking Avro customers not to contact Octopus Energy right now as we are loading their details onto our systems, and hoping to work with their administrators to make the process as seamless as possible - we will contact all Avro customers in the next 48 hours to let them know what happens next. Until then, they can rest assured that their energy supply will be maintained and that their money is safe.

We’re also working with the administrator of Avro to inform what opportunities there might be for Avro Energy’s staff in the wider Octopus Energy Group, and particularly at Octopus's operations hub in Leicester.

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