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Spotlight on… Nick, heat pump installer

Octopus Energy is made up of 3,000+ fantastic people working on stuff you'd never expect, all pushing hard towards a shared goal: driving the global green energy revolution. In our Spotlight series, we'll introduce you to some of the brilliant people behind the scenes. (Fancy joining them? Browse Octopus jobs!)

Octopus Energy Services is the dynamic team bringing our green energy products straight to our customers' homes.

Meet Nick, the support engineer who is instrumental in delivering our cutting-edge technology to our customers.

Spotlight on... Meg, illustrator of Octopuses

Spotlight on...designer Meg

Spotlight on… OES Team leader Ceri

Spotlight on… OES Team leader Ceri, the team leader in charge of getting our smart meters and heat pumps to your front doors.

Spotlight on... Vania, green energy flexpert

Spotlight on...Vania

Spotlight on... our green heating research experts

Octopus Energy's incredible team of green-heating maestros are pushing the furthest boundaries of low carbon tech. Why not meet some of the geniuses behind it all (and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of what they’re working on).

Spotlight on... Jason, expert Heat Pump manufacturer

Jason Cassells designed Octopus’ next-generation heat pump factory from the ground up. Drawing on three decades of engineering and manufacturing experience and a doctorate in fluid dynamics, his heat pumps are many times more efficient than a gas boiler, and greener to boot.

Spotlight on…Steph, the engineer behind Octopus' digital look

Steph is the incredibly talented senior front-end engineer behind our sleek and simple Octopus design. She is the reason our brand is recognizable from Japan to Texas. I had a chat with her to discuss all things design and tech.

Spotlight on… Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility

Meet Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility. His team leads the development and implementation of our cutting edge flexibility products - using our Kraken and Kraken Flex platform to develop tariffs like Intelligent Octopus, Go, and Tesla Energy Plan and also creating cutting edge trials like the National Grid partnership Big Dirty Turn Down.

Spotlight on... Derya, smart product engineer

Meet Derya, senior product engineer and mastermind behind the Octopus Home Mini. Read about her avant-garde journey from Nokia to Hive to Octopus Energy.

Spotlight on...Lucy Yu and the Centre for Net Zero

Meet Lucy, leader of 'the world's largest living lab' dedicated to advancing the global energy transition to combat climate change: the Octopus Centre for Net Zero.

Spotlight on....Zoisa, Octopus Energy Generation CEO

Meet Zoisa, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation: one of Europe's largest investors in renewable energy. Under her leadership, the business is evolving into a thing completely unheard of in Energy: a fund management that has the best interests of the people at heart. I sat down with her to discuss her journey to Octopus Energy Generation, and how they do things differently.

Spotlight on... Kerry, Head of Social Media

In our Spotlight series, we'll introduce you to some of the brilliant people behind the scenes at Octopus. In this blog I'm talking to Kerry who splits her time between leading operations teams, community managers and getting stuck in with social channels and development too!

Spotlight on... Gurjeet, Director of Operations at Octopus Electric Vehicles

Octopus Energy is made up of 1000+ fantastic people working on stuff you'd never expect, all pushing hard towards a shared goal. In this Spotlight series blog we'll be get inside look at Octopus Energy Electric Vehicles, and their amazing Director of Operations, Gurjeet.

Spotlight on... Aaliyah, Customer Operations Manager in Brighton

Octopus Energy is made up of 1000+ fantastic people, all pushing hard towards a shared goal: driving the global green energy revolution. Here you can meet Aaliyah, of of our fantastic Operations Managers and find out about what it's like to work as an energy expert in our Operations team!

Spotlight on... the Octopus design team

At Octopus we handle all aspects of our design in-house, with a brilliant group of dedicated and talented people from a range of different backgrounds. I recently had the privilege of chatting with the Design Team to find out what led them to Octopus, what makes them proud and what makes design at Octopus so unique.

Celebrating Black History Month 2021 at Octopus

Read all about how we are celebrating Black History Month at Octopus this year. You can get details on the internal work we are doing to make Octopus more diverse and inclusive. Enjoy getting to know some of the brilliant black women at Octopus as they share their unique perspectives. Discover fascinating insights from black writers and activists covering race and environmentalism as we shine a spotlight on some of Britain's most impactful change-makers.

Spotlight on...Suraj, back-end developer and champion for inclusion

Meet Suraj: Kraken back-end developer and champion for tech diversity in our latest Spotlight.

Spotlight On Zoe, Octopus Energy Services all-star

Octopus Energy is made up of 1000+ fantastic people working on stuff you'd never expect, all pushing hard towards a shared goal. In this Spotlight series blog we'll be hearing from Zoe, a Training Coordinator with our talented Octo-engineers - Octopus Energy Services.

Spotlight on... Sotiris, energy specialist and discovery dynamo

Sotiris, energy specialist and recruitment wizard, talks to Samsam about our unique way of hiring incredible teams around the UK and beyond, and life helping Octopus customers in Leicester.

Spotlight on... Karim, Senior Front-end developer

In this blog for Octopus’ spotlight series, we chat to Karim about his superhuman coding powers, life as a Octopus developer, and his upcoming adventure with Octopus Energy Japan.

Spotlight on... Team Z, our Leicester Business Powerhouse

The beating heart of Octopus Energy for Business is our Leicester Team Z, and they really get down to business, chatting to customers every day about their energy needs. 

Spotlight on... Ruby, Senior operations manager for Kraken Technologies

In the latest Spotlight blog, Maddie chats to Ruby, one of the first people to join the Octopus team back in 2016.

Ruby's done just about everything there is to do in the company, and now works for Kraken Tech introducing new Kraken convert companies to our software and our unique way of working.

Spotlight on... Wenye, Back-end developer

Aliya chats to Kraken Tech back-end dev Wenye Zhao about coding the links to connect smart meters, lockdown hobbies, and what it's like working for a green, agile company like ours. Aliya chats to

Spotlight on... Rodna Ntabeni

We talk to Rodna, a business energy specialist working in our Leicester office, about finding a surprise career in energy that dares to be different!

Spotlight on... Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles

Fiona gives the lowdown on all things EV, from how Vehicle-to-Grid charging is a game-changer for the renewables industry, to how drivers can unlock cheap prices with Octopus Energy’s new Agile tracker tariff.

Spotlight on... Adeayo Sangowawa, energy specialist and future industry innovator

Our energy specialist Ayo talks about what’s at stake in being part of the renewables sector, and importance of understanding customer experience when creating innovative products.

Spotlight on... Nia Hughes, energy specialist and firebrand for renewables

Nia talks Octopus Energy's renewable credentials, the new Leicester digs, and her work researching ways to help local towns go green.

Spotlight on... Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Product and Marketing Director

We talk product innovation, development blitzes and deciphering deep code with Product and Marketing Director, Rebecca Dibb-Simkin.

Spotlight on... Lisa Loftus, DigiOps destroyer

We’re talking to Lisa Loftus, DigiOps destroyer, about being part of Octopus’ customer service secret weapon.

Spotlight on... Gilly Ames, front-end developer

Gilly talks about improving what our customers see and interact with.

Spotlight on... David Winterbottom, Head of Engineering

Our Head of Engineering explains how building our own technology creates better customer experiences. 

Spotlight on... Anouska Ameratunga, Industry Specialist

In the latest of our “Spotlight on…” series we talk to Anouska Ameratunga, Industry Specialist and informal (well, formal really) Social Secretary, about fighting bad data and planning big parties...

Spotlight on... Matt Bunney, Fuel Procurement Manager

Matt Bunney, Fuel Procurement Manager and cricket fan, talks about securing renewable energy for our customers...

Spotlight on... Ronan McKinless, designer

When you get design right, it's almost like you've done nothing at all.

Spotlight on... David Sykes, Data Analyst

I analyse the underlying costs in the market then set a price that reflects the wholesale cost of energy, while also being competitive.

Spotlight on... Ashley Firth, Head of Front-end Development

I'm a front-end developer, which means I take all the designs and user journeys and ensure they're consistent and good-looking for everyone, no matter what device or browser you're using.

Spotlight on... Lily Stein, customer service guru

I work in the Operations team, which means I look for problems and try to fix them before they affect our customers. 

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!