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Introducing FleetCharge: the community charging solution for EV fleets

John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services Electric vehicles

FleetCharge by JustPark and Octopus Energy banner

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Electric Vehicle Charging for Home and Work

Access to an EV charger at home or at work helps you to charge cheaply, and make the most of the most convenient, low-cost energy tariffs, created especially for EV drivers

Meet Fiona Howarth and her team of EVangelists

Meet the Octopus Electric Vehicles team, headed up by CEO and EV pioneer Fiona Howarth.

Your car could act as a giant battery to power your home

We’re trialling this tech now with our groundbreaking Powerloop bundle, one of the world’s first mass domestic V2G projects, and the most cutting-edge work being done by Nissan in this field. Click here to read about Nissan’s work with this technology.

Octopus gets Fully Charged

Octopus is at the forefront of the push to move away from petrol-based cars to electric vehicles, EVs. That’s why we were delighted to partner with Fully Charged, the YouTube channel dedicated to all things EV. It’s presented by actor Robert Llewellyn, and we were thrilled to take part in their three-day event at home of British motor racing Silverstone in June.

Back to Black Friday - Competition Winners

We announce the BIG FOUR WINNERS of a Tesla, Jaguar, BMW and Nissan electric car jackpot prize. Plus, competition mastermind Max reflects on our epic Black Friday electric car giveaway.

Go on, ask us anything about our EV tariff

All the questions you've ever had about our enigmatic electric vehicle tariff, Go, answered.

Charging your car with cheap, green electricity

Do you drive an electric vehicle? Get up to speed on Octopus Energy Go and Agile Octopus, the smart tariffs that'll let you charge your electric car using only the cheapest, greenest energy.

The green credentials of electric transport

Stu, Octopus Electric Vehicles' marketing mastermind, looks at the environmental impact of the green cars of the future.

Black Friday Winners

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! All the referrals have been counted. We’ve even crafted our very own ‘digital tombola’ to ensure a completely randomised method for picking the winners. It's time to announce the winners of our Black Friday refer-a-friend competition.

Spotlight on... Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles

Fiona gives the lowdown on all things EV, from how Vehicle-to-Grid charging is a game-changer for the renewables industry, to how drivers can unlock cheap prices with Octopus Energy’s new Agile tracker tariff.

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