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Why we can’t always tell you when your smart meter will be installed

John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services Smart meters

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After coronavirus put a hold on installations,.there’s a been huge appetite for Octopus’s smart tariffs and the smart meters that enable them. Here's how we're rising to meet the challenge.

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You've gone smart with Octopus Energy. Nice one! Here’s everything you need to know about life with a smart meter.

Solving smart meter issues at Octopus Energy

As someone whose job is to fix things when they go wrong, I wanted to talk about what happens under the hood - the issues that can occasionally crop up, and what we can do to help fix them.

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What is a smart meter? Should you get one? What are the benefits? How can Octopus customers get them installed? Here’s everything you need to know about going smart with Octopus Energy.

Booked your smart meter installation? Here’s everything you need to know:

Your guide to the smart meter installation process! If you’ve booked an appointment, congratulations - you’re a step closer to greener, more convenient metering, and you’ll soon have access to our revolutionary smart tariffs too!

Unblocking second generation smart meters...

Octopus's SMETS2 programme in the Southern region may soon be gaining pace

Meet our new smart meter install service

We’re putting a fleet of octopus vans on the streets, piloted by our own meter engineers! Find out more about them here.

Smart Meters - The Innovators’ Challenge

Octopus has created the most innovative smart propositions in the UK energy market. However, some of our early customers are held back by the smart meter transition and some currently get a poor experience of the smart meter installation.

An update on the smart meter rollout, April 2019

Currently, we're not able to install Smart Meters as effectively as we were doing before now. Our CEO Greg breaks down the reasons why, and gets into the complexities of the UK's smart meter rollout.

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