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Introducing Intelligent Octopus: a new beta smart tariff just for EV drivers, giving you access to 6 hours of super cheap electricity every night. Got questions about Intelligent Octopus? You're in the right place! In this blog we're going to tackle some of the most common questions we get asked about our new smart tariff!

So what is Intelligent Octopus?

Intelligent Octopus evolved from our Octopus Go smart tariff: it smart-charges your car at the best and greenest times overnight – for a fixed, super low price of 5p / kWh between 11.30pm and 5:30am.

Intelligent Octopus will pair directly with your car’s charging system, using KrakenFlex machine-learning to find the best time to charge. Simply use the app to tell us when you need the car charged and how much charge you need and we’ll make sure it’s ready for use.

  • A smart meter we can connect to (either a SMETS2 or Secure SMETS1)
  • A compatible EV charging system (currently, either Tesla or Wallbox Pulsar Plus)
  • An iOS smartphone

We’re expanding the cars, chargers and operating systems compatible with Intelligent Octopus all the time.

How much does Intelligent Octopus cost?


Intelligent Octopus is a smart time-of-use tariff with peak and off-peak pricing. Customers benefit from a low price night rate for their EV and home energy use of 5p/kWh between 11:30pm and 5:30am. Outside of these hours customers’ have a unit rate that varies by region and a daily standing charge.

Plus, when we schedule your charging, you’ll always benefit from the low 5p/kWh for EV and home, even if we happen to ask your car to charge outside of the standard night hours. And if you need to charge more urgently, you can trigger a Bump Charge at your normal rate.

You can find out more about Intelligent Octopus rates on our Intelligent Octopus Home Page.

How does Octopus charge my car intelligently?


We connect to your car or charging equipment through the Intelligent Octopus app. You tell us what time you need your car by and how much charge you need. Then, across all the hours you’re plugged in we’ll charge your car when it’s cheapest for you, and greenest for the grid.

What if I need to charge my car immediately?


You’re always in control. You can schedule a Bump Charge through the Intelligent Octopus app, which will start the car charging immediately. You pay the unit rate at the time - 5p/kWh for Bump Charging between 11:30pm-5:30am or your local day unit rate outside of these hours.

You can find out more about Intelligent Octopus rates on our Intelligent Octopus Home Page.

What devices work with Intelligent Octopus?


Intelligent Octopus currently works with Tesla cars or Wallbox Pulsar Plus chargers, but we're working to add more chargers all the time. You’ll also need a smart meter. During early access, the app is only available for iPhones with iOS 14 or higher but we’re working to release on Android too.

How do I get a smart meter?


Register your interest for a smart meter here.

Once you've registered your interest, our team will be in contact when we have an appointment in your area.

Please note: though they’re generally suitable for most properties, in some instances we might not be able to install smart meters (e.g. in some really rural areas with poor signal, or in some properties with a communal meter cupboard). Very occasionally, we are unable to install a smart meter for reasons outside of our control. To name one example, if you live near a Royal Air Force Base, we may not be able to install a smart meter because they can interfere with their communications. To be clear, situations like this are pretty rare! If we can’t fit a smart meter for you, we’ll be in touch to let you know, and you’ll be free to switch away from us at any time.

Just so you know, if you have a SMETS1 meter, it doesn't need to be upgraded to SMETS2. Both are great pieces of tech, the key difference between SMETS1 and SMETS2 is that SMETS2 have the inbuilt functionality to let you change supplier without losing their 'smart' ability. We are expecting SMETS1 meters to be upgraded remotely (with no engineer visit required) with this functionality later this year.

How do you calculate the £100 saving on Intelligent Octopus vs. Go?


We assumed 15,000 miles driven per year with 100% of charging in the Intelligent Octopus window vs. 80% of charging in the Go window, and a day rate of 15.49p/kWh. This also includes savings in underlying household consumption for a longer night window vs. Go.

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