Getting a Heat Pump with Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy and Halifax have teamed up to help you make your home greener for less.

Heating is the UK's biggest source of carbon emissions, with home heating accounting for 14% of emissions.

As a Halifax customer, there’s never been a better time to switch to greener heating. You could claim a £5,000 government grant towards your heat pump AND £1,000 cash back thanks to Halifax’s Green Living Reward, subject to eligibility.

To benefit from £1,000 cash back, you need to qualify for the Halifax Green Living Reward. Once registered, you'll receive an email confirming if you've been successful. Haven't registered yet? Click here.

Octopus standard heat pump installation costs around £3,000 - £4,000 (including the government grant) and covers most UK homes. With Halifax Green Living Reward, you could get a heat pump for as little as £2,000!

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Why should I get a heat pump?

A heat pump extracts heat from the air outside and brings it into the home using electricity. This means you get a bigger quantity of heat with less electrical power usage.

Air-source heat pumps give you comfortable, consistent heating and hot water. But with...

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  • Less energy: Heat pumps use 4x less energy than even the most efficient boilers to generate the same amount of heat.
  • Less carbon: That efficiency means you’ll instantly slash your heat carbon footprint by 75%. Plus, they run on electricity, which gets greener every year.
  • Less maintenance: A heat pump can last 20 years – about twice as long as a boiler – and needs less pricey maintenance.

Right now, our world relies on stealing energy and natural resources that we can’t give back. If you want to continue to be a part of the natural world, you have to act like nature. With heat pumps, you don’t have to burn anything, you don’t have to steal anything - we’re mimicking nature. Even when it’s cold outside, we can take some of that energy and produce something with it.

Peter Konowalczyk, Octopus Energy's heat pump boffin

Heat pump installation cost

cost of installation

Octopus standard heat pump installation costs around £3,000 - £4,000 (including the government grant and excluding Halifax Green Living Reward), meaning you could get a heat pump for a similar price, or in some cases less, than a gas boiler. Sign up now to see if your home is a good fit for a heat pump and generate an estimate cost.


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We're your heat pump one-stop-shop

We'll handle every bit of your move to a heat pump. From your survey, quote and installation all the way through to aftercare service.

That means a quicker, smoother experience for you, help from the same expert team, and better value for money.

Control your heat pump from our app

Proven tech for the home of the future

Heat pump technology is 160 years old, and can work well in most homes already – making it the ideal replacement for your old boiler.

  • Combines heating and hot water
  • Connects to most existing piping systems and high temperature radiators 
  • Loaded with smart capabilities, and works with home tech from solar panels to batteries.
Control your heat pump from our app

Smart heating at your fingertips

Control your heat via our simple app. It's just as easy, if not easier, than using your boiler.

After your installation, our friendly engineers will get you set up and show you the ropes. We'll always be on hand to help with any questions.


What can I expect?

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By continuing, you consent to Octopus Energy sharing your personal data with Lloyds Banking Group for the purposes of reporting and fulfilling the Green Living Reward. You can view our Privacy Policy here.


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Who can apply for the Halifax Green Living Reward?


Anyone who’s taken out a qualifying mortgage directly with Halifax within a specific promotional window can apply for the Green Living Reward. More details can be found at halifax

Do I have to get an Octopus Energy heat pump to qualify for the Green Living Reward?


No. You can use any installer you like to get a heat pump and claim the Green Living Reward cash back.

Who do I speak to if I have any problems or questions?


For mortgage or Green Living Reward cash back questions, please contact Halifax.

For installation or aftercare of your heat pump, view our services plans.

Will my existing home insurance or home emergency cover product cover heat pump breakdown?


Individual insurance policies vary, so there’s no guarantee a heat pump will be covered. You’ll need to  check the terms of your existing policy or speak to your current provider.

How will I receive my cash back?


As long as you’ve successfully registered for the Green Living Reward, and haven’t claimed before, cash back will be paid into the current account you use to pay your mortgage. This will usually happen within 30 days of your heat pump being installed.

What does a ‘standard heat pump installation’ mean?


A ‘standard installation’ process includes:

  • Expert no obligation consultation & home survey
  • A heat pump (up to 7kW) from a leading brand, on a ground level external wall
  • A hot water cylinder (Up to 200L) in the place of your existing one
  • Copper pipe (Up to 12m) and electrical cabling (up to 15m) connected to your existing plumbing and fusebox
  • Up to 9 days of engineer time to install your system
  • System flush, chemicals and magnetic filter to keep your system running smoothly
  • 5 year warranty on parts and labour

Every home is unique though so that is why a survey is essential to assess yours.

If you need any modifications or additional extras, it may cost a bit more but we’ll let you know after your no obligation home survey.

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