Our market-leading heat pump service plans

Best-in-class service and more cover, for less than half the price of other providers.

When it comes to heating your home, peace of mind is important. That's why we've put together some fantastic optional service plans to go along with your Octopus heat pump.


Our plans

Warranty only: £0 A 5 year warranty for your heat pump and 2 year warranty for hot water tank and radiators installed by us.
Basic: £9 / month Includes an annual service plus a 5-year warranty for heat pump, hot water tank and radiators installed by us.

Standard warranty

£0 a month – free with your Octopus heat pump install

✅ 5-year warranty for your heat pump

✅ 2-year warranty for other products we installed (like your hot water cylinder and radiators)

✅ Access to our freephone helpline, open 8:00 - 20:00 Monday to Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00 Sunday

✅ No call-out fees for repairs covered under warranty

You still need to arrange and pay for an annual service to validate your warranty but it doesn’t need to be through us – you can use any approved Daikin installer.

Full details about our standard warranty

Basic plan

£9 per month (£108 per year)

Debited monthly. Includes VAT.

✅ Annual full system service to validate your manufacturer warranty

✅ 5-year warranty for any product we installed

✅ Access to our free phone helpline, open 8:00 - 20:00 Monday to Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00 Sundays

✅ Same-day engineer callback when you call us before noon (if needed)

✅ Site visit guaranteed within 24 hours of your call (if needed)

✅ No call-out fees for repairs covered under warranty

Full details about our Basic plan
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Frequently asked questions


What happens to my warranty if I don’t get a service?


Just like with a car, or even a gas boiler, you need an annual service for your warranty to be valid. If you don't get in serviced annually you won't be able to claim on your warranty.

Do I have to get my service from you?


You can get your service from any Daikin approved installer but you're likely to get more cover at a lower price with Octopus.

Is the plan a 12 month term?


Basic and advance plans are both 12 months with an auto renew. We will email you 1 month before renewal to let you know in time for you to cancel if you wish.

Do you charge cancellation fees?


If you cancel before get your annual service, you won't be charged for cancelling. If you do get your heat pump serviced, you'll be charged for the rest of your 12 month term.

Do these prices include VAT?


Yes, the basic plan prices include VAT.

Do I have to have an Octopus heat pump, and be an Octopus Energy customer?


These plans are just for Octopus heat pumps, but you don't need to buy your energy from us!

Is there a limited sign up window for the service plans?


Yes, you need to've signed up for your service plan within 60 days of your heat pump being commissioned.

What happens if the repair is not covered under warranty?


In the unlikely event that the repairs are not covered, you'll need to pay for the cost of repairs, plus our standard call-out fee (£150).

How do I pay for my service plan?


You'll pay for your service plan via a monthly Direct Debit payment fixed for 12 months (your plan auto-renews, but we'll give you plenty of notice when the end of your 12 month term's coming up so you can cancel if you'd like to). Your first payment will be taken 30 days after you sign up.


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