We've made smart meter installations something to look forward to


After a whopper of a year, where in-person service jobs have undergone a major transformation, we’re celebrating a little milestone... Octopus Energy Services, our dedicated smart hardware engineers, have just installed their 100,000th smart meter!

Octopus Energy Services started up back in 2018 to create a better, smarter way for customers to get smart meters, EV chargers and more installed at home. They’ve been doing amazing things ever since, transforming the installation process, making sure that getting cutting-edge, planet-saving smart hardware fitted is as easy, fun, and exciting as it should be.

Want to book your smart meter appointment?

Head to your online account - if there’re appointments available, you’ll be able to choose a time and date that suits you and book your appointment. If there aren’t appointments available, you can register your interest in a smart meter and we’ll email you as soon as they’re available.

Here's some of the magic you can expect when Octopus Energy Services install your smart meter:

A graphic of some little lightbulbs

First thing first, we'll provide WIFI dongles
so you can stay connected if you’re working from home, and big portable lights in case things get a little bit dark while the lights are off.

An Image of an octopus energy electric van

Your engineer-in-shining-coveralls will arrive in an uber-cool octopus van,
covered in our trademark pink tentacles. It might just be one of our extra-special 100% electric meter vans too, some of the first in the UK. We’re trialing a few of these babies right now, and plan to fully electrify our fleet over the course of this year.

An Image of one of our fluffy octopus'

Fluffy octopuses who are always looking for a new home! (Our plush octopuses have proven to be a bit of a fan favourite, if you’re interested in finding out more, why not check out our dedicated fluffy octopus blog!)

To bust mid-install boredom while the power’s off…

An image showing a child filling out an octokids activity sheet

We’ll provide colouring books, activity sheets and crayons to keep little ones happy. We’ve got an endless supply of fun for OctoKids, cooked up by our fabulous graphic designers, Amy and Mon, who worked round the clock to keep our colleagues and customers’ little ones busy during lockdown.

A qr code that customers can scan to access a visual augmented reality scene

Spot a mysterious QR code on the side of our snazzy octo-van? Our graphic designer-extraordinaire Mon has also been working on some very unique augmented reality trickery… Scan it for a surprise!

Above all else...

A graphic showing plunging prices on a phone screen

Your new smart meters will give you access to innovative smart energy tariffs that are helping to lay the blueprint for a 100% renewable energy system. These unique tariffs, like AgileOctopus and Octopus Go help make the most of the UK's abundant renewable energy, and smart home tech, to bring you prices that are often far cheaper than any standard tariff on the market.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our installations are really safe too, so our engineers can do their important work without risking the spread of Covid. If you want to know more, check out our Covid safety measures for smart meter installations.

If you’re interested in learning more about OES and our smart meter installations:

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