COVID-19: Ensuring safe meter installations

For our most up-to-date guidance on COVID-19 please keep an eye on this page.

During the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), we have implemented the following guidance to ensure the safety of our customers and team during urgent and emergency meter installs:

  • All our engineers have been issued with hand wipes and/or hand gel that kill the virus to use between appointments 
  • Engineers will receive daily reminders to wash hands more often and for longer 
  • Ipads or tablets used by the engineer during the appointment will not be passed to customers - your engineer may ask your questions instead 
  • Face masks have been issued to wear at the engineers discretion 
  • All employees have received advice on how to identify symptoms of COVID-19
  • All employees have been asked to self-isolate if they begin to feel unwell
  • All Octopus Energy and third party installer offices have increased cleaning schedules

What you can do

If you have any concerns you may have the virus, please email or call your installer as soon as possible, so that we can inform the engineer and rearrange your appointment for a future date. The phone number for your installer will be on your booking confirmation email.

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