The story of our cuddly octopus toys (and how you can get yours!)


If you’re a customer of ours, you might’ve seen a pink, fluffy, eight-tentacled friend popping up on our social media. In case you haven’t, here’s one. We call them Constantine.

A picture of one of our large cuddly octopuses

I’m Jess, Octopus Energy’s Chief Fluffy Octopus Wrangler. Our customers love our toy octopuses, so we wanted to give a little more insight into our eight-tentacled plushies – how they came about, and why we’re called Octopus in the first place. I mean, it’s a bit of an unusual name for an energy company, right?

Psst, If you’re one of our customers and would like a fluffy Constantine of your own, head to, put your details down and we'll send it out as soon as we can! If you’ve got one, we always love to see them on Instagram and Twitter – make sure to tag @octopus_energy!

We also give customers the option of a baby tree rather than an fluffy Octopus, and we're currently working with Hilderthorpe Allotment Society to plant them on your behalf, or as part of one of our various weird and wonderful tree planting projects around the UK (you can select this option in the fluffy octopus request form above). Read more about our work planting trees in schools and community spaces here, and our green work with Arsenal FC here!

Why do we call our plushy friend Constantine?

Our head of front-end development Ashley named our fluffy octopus Constantine. He was channelling the kind of octopus he hoped Constantine would be: a bringer of change like Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome, and a clear, transparent communicator like John Constantine – Keanu Reeves' demon-channelling lead in the occult detective classic of the same name.

Or, he just liked the name. We wouldn’t want to read into it too much…

Why do we send them out to our customers?

The very first octopus toys were hand sewn by a small toy company in Wales. They were dotted around the office and so beloved by our team, and eagle-eyed customers that we decided to create some larger cuddly friends to keep them company! Our team quickly developed quite a soft-spot for our cuddly eight legged friends. You’ll find them all over the office now too, which can sometimes end up looking a bit like Octopolis - a real-life underwater octopus city!?

Lots of little fluffy octopus on a plant
a picture of our office with fluffy octopods everywhere

Luckily, our customers have been more than willing to take them off our hands – and as more than a million people have now switched to our 100% renewable energy, word has spread fast about our fluffy mascot. Since then, we’ve never looked back.

Where do they come from?

Our plushy friends started off as teeny tiny babies, handmade in Wales, but as our customer base grew and grew and grew, so did our Octopuses. They are now carefully (and ethically) crafted by a team of octopus-making experts in Dongguan, China, and we can send out both giant and teeny tiny Constantines.

Promo Sapiens: The Evolution of our Plush Constantine

First a fluffy fridge sticker, later a scruffy finger puppet, and finally perfectly cuddlable plushie we now know and love. Here's the evolutionary journey of the Constantine!

A timeline showing the evolution of our little cuddly octopuses, into our new, larger ones
A timeline showing the evolution of our little cuddly octopuses, into our new, larger ones

We have ensured the octopus-making process is ethical and 100% compliant with toy-making regulations. They're made from 100% recycled materials and we’re also continuously looking into ways of carbon offsetting the octopus odyssey they undertake to reach our customers' front doors. From planting trees to investing in renewable fuel poverty solutions with the help of Renewable World. So, you can rest assured that your octopus has started life in the best way possible!

How many addresses have our octopuses been delivered to?

Since March 2019 we have sent 3,594 large octopus plushies and 8,140 of the teeny tiny ones. That’s a grand total of 11,734 finding their way to your homes… And counting!!!

Here are some funky facts about our eight-tentacled friends:

A diagram of an octopus with 3 hearts

  1. There’s 289 species of octopus around the world (290 if you want to include Constantine!)
  2. They have eight arms, not legs and each arm has a mind of its own - literally...
  3. They have nine brains
  4. They have three hearts
  5. They have blue blood
  6. They don’t have any bones
  7. The standard plural in English of octopus is octopuses (according to the Oxford English Dictionary). The word ‘octopi’, which follows latin rules for plurals, is actually incorrect - who knew!? If you want to get really, really, technical – as the word ‘octopus’ is of greek origin, the plural should be octopodes.

Why are we called Octopus Energy?

Our loveable eight-tentacled friends are notoriously flexible. They can manipulate their bodies to assume a mind boggling array of shapes and squeeze through cracks and crevices of almost any size.

Octopuses are a great evolutionary success story, having adapted to a vast array of challenging environments over millions of years. This uncanny ability to adapt was one of the reasons our backers, Octopus Investments - the UK's largest investor in solar power, responsible for nearly 40% of the nation's large scale solar generation - chose the name Octopus.

Perhaps the only creatures on the planet more versatile than Octopuses are people. Our people are bound together by a company culture of personal accountability and autonomy. This, paired with building technology and an environment which embraces creativity, smarts and commitment, enables Octopus Energy to thrive in this age-old industry – championing long-term value, and smarter, greener energy.

Whether it’s lowering carbon emissions to preserve the reefs they call home, or our World Octopus Day commitment to remove plastic from their habitat, having an ancient marine creature as a namesake helps remind us about why we do what we do. At the very core of Octopus’ Energy’s mission is a determination to push meaningful green change - to preserve our planet and all its inhabitants, however many legs they have.

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Jess Hunter

Chief Fluffy Octopus Wrangler

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!