Introducing Octopus Energy Go

The energy tariff designed just for EV drivers

100% renewable electricity

Charging an electric vehicle

Fill up for the tenth of a cost of a traditional car with Octopus Energy Go

With super cheap electricity for 5p/kWh between 00:30 - 04:30 every night, Octopus Go lets most EV drivers wake up every morning with a full charge. In fact, an Octopus Energy Go charge is on average over 50% cheaper than typical Economy 7 night time rates.

FYI: That's based on all Economy 7 tariffs as of June 2019.

Find your day rate and standing charge here.

Smart charger

Plug in, and let the charger do the hard work

Charging an EV should save you money, and should be easy. That's why you should use a smart charger that allows you to sync your charge with the cheapest four hours overnight on Octopus Go. Plug in and let the charger do the hard work!

Contact us and we'll find the right charger for you


Switching to Octopus Go

Octopus Go is an innovative new tariff available to any Octopus Energy customer with a SMETS2 smart meter or a SecureTM branded SMETS1 that we can receive half-hourly consumption data from.

If you don’t already have one of these smart meters we’ll arrange a SecureTM smart meter installation at no extra charge.

If you’re not sure whether your SMETS1 is from SecureTM, it should be written on the front of your smart meter.

Find more information about our Go tariff, including your day rate in our FAQs blog.

Already an Octopus customer?

Log in to your account to switch to Octopus Go through your online dashboard.

If you have a SMETS2 smart meter or a SMETS1 from the brand SecureTM your switch to Go should be complete within a week.

If you don’t have one of these smart meters, we’ll be in touch within 14 days to arrange your smart meter installation.

Not yet with Octopus?

No problem. We’ll get you up and running, and install a smart meter if you need one at no extra charge.

Octopus Go is a cutting edge innovation created by Octopus's unique technology. Unlike products available from other companies, it relies on a smart meter system (which, as our Founder Greg explains here, is not always fully reliable). Some customers have experienced delays. However, of the thousands of customers on these smart tariffs, the vast majority are now experiencing smooth service.


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The OLEV grant is subject to terms and conditions and eligibility criteria, and may be revised or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Visit the OLEV website for further details.

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