Wondering why you’ve been notified about your meter reaching its certification date and what on earth that means? Look no further than this blog.


Just like food, each electricity and gas meter is given a ‘best before’ date when it’s manufactured. In the industry it’s called a certification date, and is set by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (the OPSS). Once a meter has passed its certification date, we need to replace it. This ensures the energy you use is always measured accurately to the levels specified by the OPSS.

I’ve been told my meters need replacing, what now?

Head to your online account and you should see a pop-up to book an installation date. Just click yes, and pick a date and time that works for you.

If there aren’t any appointments available in your area, you can register your interest in a smart meter and we’ll be in touch when there’s engineers available again.

Why should I replace my meter?

As meters get older they may start running too fast or too slow. When this happens, the energy you’re using isn’t being measured correctly, which isn’t good for anyone!

My meter is already past its certification date, why haven’t I been contacted?

In conjunction with the OPSS, suppliers run service testing each year where we spot check meters of various types and ages. The results of these checks mean that some meters certificates can be extended, so sometimes the certification date written on the meter when it was first manufactured / installed might not be accurate.

If needed, we can double check the certification date for you, and book a replacement as soon as possible if necessary.

Do you have to replace my meter?

Yes, we’re required to do so under governmental regulation. It is our duty to ensure customers have continuity of safe energy supply that is accurately recorded.

Why are you replacing non-smart (traditional) meters with smart ones?

Ofgem - the non-governmental regulatory body for energy supply - has specific rules around meter replacement. Their ‘New and Replacement Obligation’ (NRO) requires energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to install smart meters for all new connections and replacement meters at domestic and non-domestic premises.

Why would I want a smart meter?

Octopus are installing the latest generation of smart meters, also known as SMETS2. Across the UK, smart meters are helping create a greener energy system. By allowing us to have better insight into supply and demand, we can make better use of renewable energy when it’s available at a local level. Check out what we’re doing with our Fan club!

There’s other benefits too:

  • No more submitting meter readings, the meter does it for you.
  • It comes with an In-Home Display (or IHD for short), enabling better insights into your hourly energy usage, so you can make more informed and energy efficient decisions.
  • Smart tariffs! Octopus have a range of specialised smart tariffs. Find out more here!
  • SMETS2 smart meters stay smart even if you do switch suppliers, though we hope you never do!

Do I have to pay to upgrade my meter?

There are no up front costs for the installation, smart meters, communications hub or In-Home Display. Instead, just like the installation and maintenance of today’s traditional meters, the cost is covered through everyone's energy bills.

What if I don’t want a smart meter?

Due to Ofgem regulations, we’ll still have to install a smart meter, but we can do so without a comms hub. This is the part of the meter that communicates with your supplier, so even though the outside of the meter might be smart, the inside isn’t.

We won’t receive any data, and you’ll have to provide us with monthly readings to ensure your bills are accurate. If you want your meters to be smart in the future, just get in touch and we can arrange an engineer visit to install the comms hub.

Want to know more about smart meters and the installation process? Check out our smart meter blog and how we’ve made smart meter installations something to look forward to.

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