Introducing Octopus Fan Club:

Local green energy. From our turbines for your home

The UK’s first energy tariff to give customers the benefits of local renewable energy production in real-time.

Octopus customers in Market Weighton and Caerphilly can enjoy cheaper 100% renewable electricity whenever their local turbines are spinning.

Join Octopus Fan Club and get:

  • 100% renewable electricity from your local Fan!
  • 20% off your unit rate whenever your turbine is spinning and you're using electricity
  • 50% off your unit rate when the wind picks up and the green electrons are really flowing

Let us know you'd like a Fan Club in your neighbourhood.

How it works

Allow us to introduce our two biggest fans: #1 Fan in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire and #2 Fan in Caerphilly, South Wales.

Together, these Octopus Energy turbines supply enough renewable energy to power up to 800 homes. Since early 2021, local Octopus Energy customers have been able to enjoy the benefits of their home-grown green power.

With Octopus Fan Club, you'll get 100% renewable electricity at the same great price as our Octopus fixed tariffs.

Any electricity you use while your local turbine is spinning automatically gives you a 20% discount.

Even better, when the wind picks up and the green electrons really start flowing, you’ll get 50% off every unit you use.

Check the rate you’re paying online in realtime, and see forecast wind speeds to help plan your day.

#1 Fan in Market Weighton

#1 Fan in Market Weighton

50% off electricity at winds above a Fresh Breeze (8m/s)

Available to: Customers in YO43 postcodes

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#2 Fan in Caerphilly

#2 Fan in Caerphilly

50% off electricity at winds above a Strong Breeze (11m/s)

Available to: Customers in CF81 and NP24 postcodes

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Already a member of the Fan Club?! Click here to access your Fan Club dashboard to see how your local Fan is generating.

Want more wind?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does local energy generation differ from your other 100% green energy tariffs?


We ensure our regular tariffs are 100% green by buying energy from the open market alongside Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin ‘REGO’ certificates. These certificates ensure that every electron of energy we buy is an electron that has come from a renewable source, yet we are not actually generating the energy ourselves. 

Through the years, we’ve also worked with fantastic green generators to buy their power, from the smallest dedicated community energy projects to gargantuan solar farms capable of powering hundreds of thousands of homes. 

Buying our own wind turbines cuts the supply chain even further from generator, to network, to supplier to customer, and forging deep connections between our customers and the green energy that powers them. 

Do I need a smart meter to access the Fan Club?


To join Octopus Fan Club, you'll need a SMETS2 or Secure-branded SMETS1 smart meter that we can receive half-hourly consumption data from. If you don't have a suitable smart meter, we can install one for you at no extra cost.

What happens if the fans aren't spinning?


By owning these fans, we're taking a crucial step towards redesigning a smart energy system and empowering our customers to shift their electricity use away from peak times. We want to be able to give customers more information about their energy use through smart metering and peak and off peak pricing.

Even when the fans aren't spinning on a very still, calm summer's day, we can use our smart tech to harness when they do spin and capture this energy so that people's homes and businesses can eventually be optimised to automatically use the greenest electricity at the best times. Our fans can also start turning in only really light winds, from about 2.5meters of wind per second. That’s about 4 miles per hour which is the speed you usually walk and so there is only a limited number of hours throughout the year that you'll find the fans sitting still.

How does the Fan Club work?


Good question! The electricity market in the UK is settled each half hour, meaning every day there are 48 settlement periods. By matching your consumption with the generation of your local Fan, we are able to calculate your savings based on how and when you are using electricity in your home.

Your discount is then applied as a credit to your energy account each month.

How does the local community benefit?


We want to work closely with the communities our turbines are turning in. Whether this is through educating local school children on renewable energy, investing in local community funds, or powering local homes and businesses, we want to have a meaningful impact. If you are interested, get in touch at

Why are the wind speeds for the 50% discount different in each Fan?


The average wind speed in Caerphilly where our #2 Fan is located is higher than in Market Weighton where our #1 Fan is located. This means for customers to access the 50% discount the thresholds for doing so vary slightly, allowing both of the communities an equal opportunity for maximum savings!


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