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Using your smart meter: FAQs, guides and top tips to save more.

Getting a smart meter: From booking to install.

The world of smart energy: Smart tariffs, products and more.

Help with your smart meter: Meter or display screen not working? We can help.

Welcome to our hub for all things smart meter.

You can find everything from common smart meter questions to the best ways to track your energy. Plus, get help if your smart meter or display screen isn't working.

Using your smart meter

Track your energy in our app See what you're using and spending at the tap of a button
How to save money with a smart meter Find ways to slash your bills with your smart meter
How to use your smart meter screen Our guide for your In-Home Display (IHD) screen

Getting a smart meter

Get a smart meter Join the list and book a smart meter installation
Your smart meter installation What to expect before, during and after your install
Why you should look forward to your smart meter install Wi-fi dongles to keep you connected, kids' colouring kits and a tentacled EV van...

The world of smart energy

Tour the smart home of the future online See how much cash and carbon you could save with solar, a heat pump and more.
Browse smart tariffs Get cheaper prices when it's greenest and pair smart home tech
Get the Octopus Home Mini See real-time energy usage and spend in your app with our nifty little gadget

Get help with your smart meter

Think your smart meter, or the screen that comes with it (sometimes called an In-Home Display or IHD) might be broken? We've built a simple online clinic to help you find out what's not working, and how to fix it.

a picture of the octopus app with lines on a monthly usage graph indicating we're connected to the smart meter

First of all, check if it's your display screen or smart meter with a problem.

The little screen that comes with your smart meter is not your smart meter. It's just a display screen, while the meter itself is fixed to the wall and usually in a cupboard or attached to the outside of the house.

How to check:

Open the Octopus app and go to usage. If you see can pink bars on the graphs, like this, that means we're getting readings from your smart meter (so it's working!) which means it may just be the display screen itself which is struggling to connect.

Even if the screen isn't working, it's very likely your smart meter itself is still working fine and sending us automatic readings.

Get help with your IHD screen Go to our help page if your screen isn't working but you can see data in your online account or app

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