Get rollin' with your new EV charger


Your charger will juice you up 2 - 4x faster than a normal three-pin plug. It also gives you access to smart tariffs to charge your car when electricity is cheapest and greenest.

Here are helpful links and contact details to get you started.


Smart Charging

What’s the difference between smart charging and bump charging?


Smart Charging is when we use technology like Krakenflex to find the cheapest and greenest times to charge your car within a timeframe. A bump charge temporarily turns off smart charging to charge your car immediately and consistently.

When should I charge my EV?


When energy is cheapest and greenest. Smart tariffs like Intelligent Octopus Go are a great option to benefit from lower overnight rates.

Which smart tariffs do you offer for EVs?


Charge up while you sleep with one of our cutting-edge EV tariffs, with 100% green electricity and no exit fees.

Supercheap overnight charging rates and smart home integration help you charge when energy is cheapest and greenest.

How do I get onto Intelligent Octopus Go?


Start your signup

If you’re not an Octopus customer, you can sign up to Intelligent Octopus Go via our website.

If you’re already an Octopus Energy customer, you can sign up via the Octopus app.

Connect your EV and charger

Connect your EV or charger via the Octopus app. Have an Ohme charger? Then you might find this guide helpful.

Good to know

You’ll need a smart meter that sends us half-hourly readings to join our smart tariffs. Octopus customers can register to get a smart meter at no extra cost.

Find more info about Intelligent Octopus Go here and about Ohme and Intelligent Octopus Go here.

Can I charge my car with solar energy?


Yes! MyEnergi Zappi chargers can control how much solar energy is used to charge your car.

You can get Octopus solar panels here and if you're looking to sell surplus energy back to the grid, check out Outgoing Octopus.

What about charging on the go?


Need to charge your car when you’re out and about? Check out Octopus Electroverse to get one-tap access to more than 420,000 public chargers across the UK & Europe. And all with zero added costs or ongoing fees.

Because your EV charger was installed by an Octopus engineer you can get £10 credit when you sign up for an Electrocard.


Troubleshooting your charger

What do I do if my charger is making a noise or is smoking?


Please contact the OES EV Chargepoint Team as soon as you can by calling 0808 196 6842 or emailing - it will be helpful if you also sent us any relevant videos or photos.

Why is my charger not charging to maximum capacity, only charging intermittently?


There are many reasons why your charge point might not charge at maximum capacity.

Try these quick fixes first

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? We’re serious! It often does the trick.
  • Are you using multiple appliances (like electric ovens, jacuzzis, hot tubs… ) while charging your car? Try turning them off while you charge your car to check if that’s making a difference.

Instant advice for your charger model

The charger manufacturers offer guides on troubleshooting your charger.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help

If you’re still having issues, please get in touch with us via emailing or give us a call at 0808 196 6842.


Charging via the app

How do I use the app for my charger?


After downloading the app, you’ll be asked to create an account and pair your charger via Bluetooth.

You should then be able to control your charger and see usage statistics.

Not sure how to navigate this? Find the user guides for different apps below:

My charging app stopped working and I can’t schedule charges


There are many reasons why your app might not function properly.

Try these quick fixes first:

  • Check if you’re using the latest version of the app. There might be a recent update that fixes a bug you’re experiencing.
  • Try reinstalling the app - sometimes that does the trick.
  • Check there aren’t any conflicts with other charging services. For example, other apps or the charging schedule of your EV itself.

Instant advice for the app of your charger:

If you’re still experiencing issues with the app for your charger, contact the support team of the charger manufacturer. They’ll be able to share more information with us if we need to fix something on your charger.


Helpful documents

How long does the warranty for my EV charger last?


Because a qualified Octopus engineer has installed your charge point, it comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. It covers unit and installation faults and we’ve assigned the benefit of this warranty to you upon completion of your installation.

Find the warranty for different manufacturers below

If you experience any issues with your charger, please let us know. One of our engineers can come out to help you or complete remote tests to look if a replacement is necessary.


Any open questions?

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