Outgoing Octopus is a smart export tariff and our successor to the feed-in tariff (FIT). Perfect for homes with solar panels, battery storage, or any other way of sharing energy back to the grid.

For a list of common Outgoing FAQS, have a read of our blog

The power to choose

Outgoing Octopus comes in two flavours – Fixed or Agile. Outgoing Fixed guarantees 5.5p per kWh for every unit you export. Outgoing Agile matches your half-hourly prices with day-ahead wholesale rates, helping you make the most of the energy you generate.

A smart export tariff for the smart grid

With energy storage and Outgoing Agile, you can sell your electricity at the most valuable time for you. Combine 4 kWp of solar panels with battery storage, and you could earn £436 – over 50% more than the same panels on a fixed 5.5p per kWh rate.

Combine this with our Agile tariff for the electricity coming in to your home, and integration with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, or smart EV charging, to really make the most of your smart grid.

Outgoing Octopus: it's win-win-win

With an average of 6 Octopus Energy customers per square mile across Britain, we can sell your energy to your neighbour, enabling the first ever mass peer-to-peer energy trading in this country.

So every time you benefit from the energy you sell, Octopus Energy customers will benefit from cheaper electricity prices and lower transmission costs, and the planet will benefit from greener, more flexible energy.

outgoingOctopus is available now

outgoingOctopus is a beta product. This means it's not always going to be perfect while we work out any early snags. It is a complex product, and it may take us a little while to perfect the billing and reporting that accompanies the tariff, and sometimes your online account or in-home display (a pretty basic display system with no real capability for reporting dynamic pricing) might throw up some weird numbers. We'll always make sure financial transactions are resolved, even if there's a reporting error.

As an early adopter on the tariff, you can give us input as to what works, and what doesn't – and you get access to cutting edge technologies months ahead of the market. The flip-side is that sometimes industry systems take a while to catch up with us.

Good to know:

  • You'll need a SMETS2 (or SecureTM SMETS1) smart meter that we can receive half-hourly export data from
  • Currently, you can't be on both outgoingOctopus and OctopusGo, our EV tariff, at the same time.
  • If you have started receiving FiTs in the last 12 months, the FiT rules mean you won't be able to switch to outgoingOctopus just yet

You can read about our progress with outgoingOctopus on our blog.

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