Electric vehicle home charging made simple

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Get an Ohme Home Pro charger installed for just £899 (while stocks last)

Access to an EV charger at home helps you to charge quickly and conveniently, and make the most of low-cost energy tariffs, created especially for EV drivers. We've partnered with EV charging expert Ohme to bring you their new Home Pro charger at an exclusive price of £899, when installed by our award winning Octopus engineers.

Protecting the planet has never been more rewarding

Getting an EV charging point installed at home means you’ll be able to plug in conveniently overnight, just like you do with your mobile phone, to ensure your car is always topped up.

It's possible to charge a car with a 3-pin plug, but getting a home charger will be much quicker. All cars are different, but very roughly, a dedicated charge point will charge at 2-4 x the speed of a normal plug.

And when linked to a smart EV tariff like Octopus Go, you can pick the cheapest, greenest hours to charge your car to reduce the cost to around 1 pence per mile - that's 1/10 of the cost to fill up a traditional car.

Intelligent charging with the Ohme Home Pro

We've tried lots of different chargepoints (you can see the full range here) but we like the Ohme Home Pro as it's compact, easy to install & use and rich with features, like connecting to your Octopus Go and Agile Octopus, to charge your car at the cheapest, greenest times.

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Want to know more of the tech-y stuff? Here's the spec:

  • Fast charging at 7kW (about 25 mi/hr)
  • Type 2 connector (so works with nearly all EV's)
  • 3G/4G connectivity (easy to set up, no wifi issues)
  • 5m tethered cable (easy to use, just plug in and go)
  • In-built earthing (no need for a separate earth rod)
  • Dynamic power balancing (for efficient use of power)
  • Smart controls from the app or LCD screen

Simple, fast installation

Getting your EV charged up at home is easier with Octopus Energy Services. We just need a few details to check you qualify for the offer (if you don't, no worries you can still get one installed but it may cost a bit extra).

Once you've given us the thumbs up and made payment, we'll book you in for installation. The installation should take around 4 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less). After it's installed your engineer will run you through how to use the charger, and the app for the best experience.

Whats included in the offer price and how do I qualify?


This includes the cost of the charger with a standard Octopus Energy Services installation.

In order to qualify you need to meet the criteria for a standard installation (which most do) and be in the South or South East region, as that's where the Octopus installation team is based (for the time being).

If its not a standard installation or you're not in this area, you'll still be able to get an Ohme Home Pro installed, but the price might be a little bit higher.

We'll be able to let you know whether you qualify for the offer, once you've answered our initial questions.

What is a standard installation and how do I qualify?


Most homes qualify for a standard installation which includes:

  • The fitting of the charger on a brick or plaster wall, (or other suitable permanent structure).
  • Routing of the cable through 1 x drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm thick (where required).
  • Up to 10 metres of High Tuff cable, run and clipped to the wall between the consumer unit and the EV charger, up to a height of up to 1.8m.
  • All electrical connections at the origin of the supply and the charging unit.
  • Type A RCD in metal Consumer Unit.
  • Electrical testing and NICEIC Certification.
  • Demonstration of the Charge point functions and App.

If your installation involves more than this (for example, having to drill through more walls), it may cost a little more.

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