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UPDATE: All 10,000 trees have now been snapped up.

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Stay tuned over the next few months for updates from schools and community groups around the UK as they start planting their trees!

Do you have community space in need of some trees? We're planting 10,000 native saplings across the UK, free, to draw attention to the air pollution that kills 40,000 Brits every year.

An illustration of the various trees available through the give me my trees campaign

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Looking for trees for your community space?

Book your free bundle of trees below. In the next few months, we'll send them to your door, along with a care guide cooked up by our resident tree wizz Steph Sutherland in collaboration with Blue Peter gardener, Chris Collins.

The trees

We know every space needs different trees, depending on what you use the area for, the size of the space, what the soil's like.

That's why, with Steph's help, we've curated six tree bundles you can choose from.

Choose your trees below. We've included all the most important information, but you can find out more about all these trees here.

An illustration of the Three Tree package

The Three Tree

Maybe you want some trees, but don't have much available space to plant on? We'll send you three ornamental native broadleaf trees, “semi-standards” around 2m tall — a grey willow, a wild cherry, and an English oak.

An illustration of the critter getter package

The critter getter

This bundle is made up of native trees that encourage biodiversity, so you can study the birds, insects, squirrels, hedgehogs etc. who make native trees their homes.

You'll get 10 trees in a combination of rowan, crabapple, English oak and silver birch (1 — 1.25m at the time of planting).

An illustration of the Sensory garden package

The sensory garden

A bundle of trees that can be experienced via a variety of senses. A really great option to allow people with visual impairments to enjoy trees in a different way.

You get 12 “semi—standard” trees (around 1m tall) in a combination of aspen, wild cherry, crabapple, juniper, lime, and English oak.

An illustration of the native hedgerow package

The native hedgerow

A bundle of 50 sapling trees in a mixture of hawthorn and beech. Perfect as a natural barrier, or a bit of wind shelter and security from a main road.

The trees will arrive between 30–50 cm high, and can be maintained at around 2m tall once fully matured. 50 trees can hedge a 20m length.

An illustration of the wet woodland package

The wet woodland

A 50 tree bundle to plant a mini-woodland, made up of trees that thrive in wetter soil:

  • Downy birch
  • Grey willow
  • Goats willow
  • Alder
  • Rowan
An illustration of the dry woodland package

The dry woodland

A 50 tree bundle to plant a mini-woodland, made up of trees that thrive in dry soil:

  • English oak
  • Silver birch
  • Wild cherry
  • Alder
  • Aspen

Why are we doing this?

For every new tree in the ground, 2 kg of carbon dioxide is saved from polluting the atmosphere.

We're planting 10,000 trees.

That'll save the UK 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, create homes for hundreds of insects and critters, and trap harmful particulate matter like nitrogen dioxide (detoxifying the surrounding air by between 7% and 24%).

Molecule by molecule, the CO2 mitigation is small compared to what it'll take to clean up our air. But we're on a mission to seed far greater change.

And planting trees across the UK will help start a conversation about just how damaging air pollution is — from reducing kids' lung capacities to harmfully restructuring the heart to severely increasing Alzheimer's risk.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint in 30 seconds?

Try clean, green Octopus Energy

Octopus has a long and proud tree legacy. Lega–tree?

Octopus Energy planting trees with children at a school in Leicester

On World Environment Day in 2017, we made a pledge to plant a tree for every customer who signed up that day to soak up CO2, increase biodiversity, and crucially, draw attention to the devastating effects of air pollution.

250 signed up that day, and not wanting to do things by halves, we pledged to plant 1,000 trees on their behalf. We asked our customers where these trees should go, and were blown away at the massive response. Their enthusiasm meant we hit our target seven times over by the end of winter last year, planting nearly 2,000 native broadleaf trees in schools across the UK, in spots suggested to us by our own customers.

We planted with everyone from pop stars like JLS–songbird–turned–turkey–farmer JB Gill, to former Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins, to Arsenal players Hector Bellerin, Petr Cech, and Aaron Ramsey. We were joined by MPs, mayors, and local councillors from Sir Vince Cable to Catherine West. The tree plantings made national news from numerous local papers to The Sun to BBC3.

Help us make this year's tree planting mission bigger and better.

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