We're hiring at Octopus Energy Generation

We're one of Europe's largest investors in renewables: operating £4 billion worth of green energy generators across 7 countries.

At Octopus, we’ve long believed that it’s ultimately people like you and me who will drive the green energy revolution. We’re constantly searching for investment, building the very latest in high-tech green generation and producing more and more green electrons for Octopus customers - and the world beyond. Our ambition is truly making people-powered renewables a reality.

We're shaking up the world of renewable generation

Octopus Energy Generation replaces the traditional asset management approach to financing renewable energy generation with a technology-driven model based of dynamic data, machine learning, and better realtime matching of supply and demand. We have loads going on in the way of innovation, but two we are particularly proud of are our ‘Fan Club’ and ‘Plotts for Kilowatts’ projects. You can read more about Octopus Energy Generation here.

Octopus Energy Generation is also working closely with energy boffins from across the other arms of Octopus Energy. For example, with the ‘flexibility’ experts at Octopus Energy’s KrakenFlex team - who work with storing clean, green electrons in batteries and other energy storage assets when they are abundant, and releasing them when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining.

We're on a mission to massively disrupt the renewable energy space in favour of consumers.


Read more about what we’re doing through our CEO of Octopus Energy Generation.


Why Octopus Generation?

Brand Power

Octopus Energy are a tech business that provide retail energy as a service. This superior customer service allowed us to build consumer trust, and maintain that trust as we scaled our customer base. We are acquiring over 5000 customers month. In May 2021 Octopus Energy Acquired Octopus Renewables from our sister company, Octopus Investments . Read more about the acquisition here.


Our unique position in the market caught the eye of global investors, and our valuation has rocketed to over $5B:

Tokyo Gas, Origin Energy, Al Gore Sustainability fund, Canadian Pension Fund

Backing from Industry Leaders

Our ethos of doing the right thing has created a great platform to work with for stakeholders - from high ranking government officials to National Grid, to high profile businesses. Our team members and leaders regularly participate in roundtables between business and high levels of government.

And most importantly… Work Culture

We have won numerous awards for our culture.


Check out our episode on ‘Culture’ in our ‘Inside Energy Podcast’ on Spotify


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