Octopus Employee Benefits

Octopus Energy is a unique culture. An organisation where people learn, decide, and build quicker. Where people work with autonomy, alongside a wide range of amazing co-owners, on projects that break new ground. We want your hard work to be rewarded with benefits you actually care about!

What do you get?

Equity Option Scheme

Equity Option Scheme

Everyone owns part of what we’re building with shares.

When you become an Octopus Energy Group employee, you will be included in our Equity Options Scheme. This means that you own your own part of the business, so when the business grows, you can reap the rewards!

It's just another motivation for us to work together towards success.

Equity Option Scheme

Pension Scheme

We'll pay 5%. You can decide what you contribute, starting from 3%.

Equity Option Scheme


We're all grown ups, so we don't count your holidays here. We work hard and so we know you need to play hard as well (within reason of course).


Flexible working

We're passionate about a genuine work-life balance here and we don't pay people to watch a clock. Need to catch that school nativity or work from home? That's cool.

We are proud to say we were voted in the top 5 companies in the UK for work life balance in 2020, we treat you as a human, and do our best to make work and life merge smoothly together. 


Free Breakfast + other stuff

Our offices are stocked with fruit, breakfast, great coffee, and soft drinks (and ice lollies if you're lucky)!

Weekly on a Friday we all get together (this happens virtually too) for company updates and drinks - we call it Family Dinner.

We won best company to work for in 2019 and our CEO, Greg has recorded a podcast about our culture and how we empower our people. Check out what our people say at Glassdoor!


For Parents

We can arrange access to tax free childcare, as well as maternity and paternity pay. During the lockdown we even created OctoKidsTV!


Eye Test

Free eye test vouchers for all colleagues who use Visual Display Units (VDU). Long spells of VDU work can often be visually demanding and can lead to tired eyes, discomfort, temporary short sightedness and headaches.


Car Salary Sacrifice

Browse the wide selection of electric vehicles and get a sample quote under our workplace salary sacrifice scheme. If approved, the monthly leasing costs are taken directly from your gross salary each month meaning you're saving on paying some tax.


Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a cost effective way to “buy” a bike up to a value of £2.5K, which hopefully is enough for a decent commuting bike, even an electric one. This extends to the cost of accessories and safety equipment as well as the bike.



We want to get the best out of our people and get that everyone is slightly different. Have a certain tech requirement? We’ll do our best to get it.


Money Coach

You may want to think about financial planning. The company has an arrangement with Octopus Money Coach . They offer the opportunity to talk with a professional coach.



Twice a week we have 45 Minute live yoga class open to all Octopus staff!



Need some calm in your life? We have 'Octopus Headspace Licences' available.


The proof is in the pudding

We take pride in our people and building the kind of work environment our employees are excited to be a part of.

We won best utility company to work for in 2022 (top 3 overall) and on Glassdoor we were voted in the top 30 best places to work in 2022


Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!