Help to lower your energy bills

Energy bills are high right now and even with the government’s financial support, we know that many people are worried about the cost of energy.

At Octopus we’re dedicated to making energy fairer and more affordable, and we want as many people as possible to know about the help that's available.

No matter if you're an Octopus customer or not, you have options to lower your bills.

The most impactful energy savings tips to lower your bills
Extra support for Octopus customers
Other resources for those worrying about bills

Not sure where to start?

Take our quiz to find the best energy-saving tips to suit your home and lifestyle!

Simple tips to help lower your bills

There’s more to energy saving than just switching off the lights, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. Our useful info can help you find the best ways to keep cosy without breaking the bank.

Energy Saving tips
Apply our best energy-saving tips Wondering which measures have the biggest impact on your bills? Learn how to save up to £400 on your energy bills. Tried and proven by our customers in our winter workout sessions.
Saving Sessions
Earn rewards for saving energy You could get rewarded between £30 - £100 in Octopoints with the Energy Saving Sessions. If you're an Octopus customer with a smart meter, you can sign up below. Or join via your supplier!
Electric blanket
Get cosy for less Snuggle up with an electric blanket instead of heating your whole home. A blanket keeps you warm for only 2-4p an hour and could save you up to £300/year.

Extra support for Octopus customers

As an Octopus customer, you have access to additional financial support and personal energy-saving advice.

Financial Support You can get help from Octo Assist, funded with £15 million to support our most vulnerable customers.
energy helper
Meet our energy helpers Our energy helpers are knocking on doors to offer you energy-saving tips tailored to your home.
Demystify your energy payments We've created the Balance Forecast to help you prepare for what's ahead, and work out exactly how much you're comfortable paying.
More bill grants and help schemes Browse the collection of support schemes designed to give extra help to customers most in need.
Customer service
Speak to us Our award-winning customer service team is here to help you personally and recommend next steps.

Other resources for those worrying about bills

Grants by other suppliers If you’re not an Octopus customer, we recommend talking with your energy supplier as soon as possible.
Energy crisis information Find support, resources and blogs covering everything you need to know about the energy crisis.

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