Introducing Cosy Octopus

We're on a mission to decarbonise UK homes, starting with one of the biggest carbon culprits: home heating.

We think heat pumps are the answer. They’re a tried and tested technology, and almost 4 times more efficient than a gas boiler. Plus you can power them on 100% renewable electricity. What’s not to love!

We're using technology to make heat pumps simpler and cheaper for UK homes, investing £10m in the UK's first heat pump R&D & training centre and training an army of green installers so we can deliver heat pumps at the same price as gas boilers.

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One of the biggest challenges the UK faces on the road to a greener grid is home heating.

Currently, domestic heating accounts for around 14% of our total carbon emissions. Until home heating is electrified it won’t be able to reap the benefits of cleaner, greener energy.

Of course, some early movers have already made the shift to greener technologies: homes with heat pumps, or those with battery storage and solar.

That’s why we created Cosy Octopus so heat pump users who are flexible with their usage can save an extra £85, on top of the clean, green heat pump efficiency savings.

Cosy Octopus is a tariff with double dip Cosy Hours every day: six hours of super cheap electric to warm your home.

How does it work?

cosy graph
  • A day rate, set at the standard Octopus Flexible rate in your region.
  • Two cosy periods of super cheap rates between 0400 - 0700 and 1300 - 1600 every day, 40% cheaper than the Octopus Flexible rate in your region.
  • A peak rate between 1600 - 1900, 60% above the Octopus flexible rate in your region.

Not sure if Cosy Octopus is for you? See what our first 400 customers have been up toand how much they've saved on the tariff

Integrating heat pumps with smart tariffs makes them cheaper to run

Octopus doesn’t believe that “green” should just be another way of saying “expensive”. That’s why we’re on a mission to empower our customers to make green decisions that also save them cash.

We’ve been pioneers in the world of smart time-of-use tariffs. Pairing unique in-house tech with innovative offerings, we’ve created a world first half-hourly time of use tariff, helped EV drivers pay pennies for their mileage, and enabled customers to benefit from tariffs which get cheaper the more the wind is blowing.

Agile Octopus was our first foray into the world of cutting-edge pricing. The tariff helps reduce strain on the UK grid by incentivizing customers to move their energy use out of peak demand times each day.

Crucially, it rewards customers to use power when there’s plenty of renewable energy being produced that might otherwise go to waste.

Air source heat pump users in particular were able to take advantage of this tariff to heat their home and hot water at the cheapest, greenest times, unlocking significant savings.

Why does flexibility matter?

The grid must always be balanced. Supply - energy put into the grid by generators - and demand - the energy being used by everyone connected - must always match up to avoid power cuts or damage to the grid.

Flexibility, the ability to fine tune supply and demand, means the grid can adapt quickly to sudden or unexpected changes.

For too long, this flexibility provided simply by turning dirty fossil fuel generation on and off when it’s required. While these methods are quick to respond when needed, they come at a huge environmental cost.

So why not just replace all of the existing fossil fuel infrastructure with renewable energy right away? We can’t make the sun shine or the wind blow whenever we want. To smooth out the peaks and troughs of supply and demand, we can instead look towards individual flexibility. This means finding ways to store green energy in batteries and other devices, and release it out into the grid when it’s needed.

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