Charge ahead to Net Zero with NatWest and Octopus Energy

NatWest and Octopus Energy are offering charging and energy services to help your company get safely on the road

EV charger Install an electric vehicle charger at your workplace or an employees home for cheaper, more convenient charging
Energy tariff Save £500 a year compared to a standard domestic tariff when charging with our specialised EV tariff Intelligent Octopus Go
Public charging Everything you need to manage your electric fleet with one-card access to over 750,000 chargers in the UK and Europe.
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Commercial charger installation

Want to encourage the adoption of EVs by making it more convenient for employees to charge their cars while at work?

We’ve partnered with Plug Me In to help businesses install charging stations at their workplaces with ease. Plug Me In are specialists in commercial charging and can facilitate a range of bespoke commercial charging solutions. They'll help advise, design, install, fund and even operate and maintain your workplace chargers based on what works best for you.

Get a home EV charger for cheaper, more convenient charging

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We'll set you up with...

  • A premium charger from Ohme or myenergi; leading brands at the forefront of EV tech
  • Charger installation in the safe tentacles of an Octopus engineer
  • 100% green smart tariff for bonkers cheap charging and no exit fees

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The easiest and cheapest way to home charge your EV

Our Intelligent Octopus Go energy tariff will save you £500 a year on average, compared with a default home energy tariff!

Intelligent Octopus Go is compatible with over 280 cars from top EV brands.

You need either an Octopus-compatible EV OR an Ohme, myenergi or Wallbox charger.

Enjoy the cheapest charging rates at 7.5p plus....

charging at your fingertips

Save £500 a year compared to a standard tariff

Smart charge your car with unlimited super-cheap green electrons plus six hours for your whole home between 11:30pm and 5:30am.

car charging at your fingertips

One app to rule them all

Use our hassle-free app to tell us what you need and we'll make it happen. Track your energy spend at a glance and, if your plans change, easily adjust as you need.

customer service

Award winning customer service

Benefit from cutting edge innovation, competitions and our award winning customer service.

intelligent charging

8% off public charging!

As an Intelligent Octopus Go customer, you'll get 8% off public charging at thousands of locations through Octopus Electroverse! Simply log in with your Octopus account and the discount will automatically apply

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Charging on the road

One-tap access to 750,000 public chargers across the UK and Europe with Octopus Electroverse

  • Single card and app
  • Live charger availability
  • Route planning with charger filtering
  • Zero added costs or on-going fees
  • Up to 20% off major charging networks
  • Link your home energy bills if you’re an Octopus Energy home customer

Electroverse for Business

Everything you need to manage your electric fleet. One dashboard and one invoice for all drivers across public charge points.

  • Straightforward web platform and company analytics dashboard
  • Easy RFID card management
  • Customisable reporting
  • One monthly consolidated invoice - no more time consuming expenses

Rated 5 stars for customer service from 286,350 reviews.


Offer applies to all customers within United Kingdom, regional exclusions apply. Energy supply tariff and domestic EV charger installations excluded in Northern Ireland. Offer unavailable on UK Channel Islands.


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