Bills and payments

Including any questions you have about your old supplier.

When will I receive a final bill from my old supplier?

When you switch to us, we ask for an opening meter reading to send to your old supplier so they can close your account and issue a final bill. This also applies to customers with smart meters. You'll need to provide us with your very first reading manually, no matter what type of meter you've got. After that, if you have a Secure smart meter (i.e. says 'Secure' on the front) we'll connect to it remotely to take automatic readings. Here's a video guide from Octopus Energy for reading your Secure smart meter.

If you have a different kind of smart meter (i.e. you know it's smart, but you can't see the word 'Secure' on the front) then it'll behave like a traditional meter when you switch, and you'll need to give us meter readings manually for the time being. Here's a guide to reading your non-Octopus smart meter, whichever type it might be.

Once you've sent us your meter reading, it goes through a series of third-party checks to ensure your old supplier agrees with it.

Sometimes, your old supplier might tell you we haven't sent them. This is normally because the readings are still being checked through those third-party checks, or your old supplier has yet to agree your readings (and sometimes our team won't know that).

Since your old supplier is responsible for releasing your final bill, we can't say for certain when you'll get it, but from our experience it usually happens in four to six weeks.

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