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Where can I top up my prepayment meter?

If you have a smart prepayment meter that Octopus have installed or can operate, you can use your online account or the phone app to make top ups. You can also call or email us to request a top up.

The most you can top up online or through the app is £81 per transaction.

If you prefer to top up in store, you can top up at your nearest PayPoint using:

  • the top up cards we sent you in the post

  • your digital top up cards in the Octopus app 

We can also send you an email containing your PAN if needed. There are separate cards for your gas and electricity meters. And there is a minimum top up amount:

  • £5 for electricity

  • £1 for gas

In the PayPoint store, ask the cashier to scan the barcode on your top up card, or type in the long number underneath it. Once you’ve paid for your top up, make sure to keep your receipts.The most you can top up at a PayPoint vendor is £75 per transaction at PayPoint.

You can make multiple transactions if you'd like to top up more.

If you have a traditional prepayment meter you will need to take your electricity key or gas card to any Paypoint or Payzone store to top them up:

Please keep the receipt from the top up until the credit has been transferred to the meter.

The most you can top up is £75 per transaction.

You can make multiple transactions if you'd like to top up more.

There is a hard limit of £255 total credit on an electricity prepayment meter. If you try and top up above that limit, the top up won't be added to your meter.

There is no limit on total credit for gas prepayment meters.