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What is Agile Octopus, and how do I join?

Agile Octopus is one of our beta smart tariffs, offering customers electricity prices that change every half an hour, based on the wholesale price of energy.

Why? Outside of daily energy ‘rush hours’ (usually between 4pm and 7pm, when everyone’s generally using a lot of power, i.e. dinner time) wholesale energy tends to be a lot cheaper (and greener – a much higher % coming from renewable sources).

On Agile, if you can shift when you use power outside of these busy times, you can access cheap ‘off-peak’ prices and potentially save some cash, while using the greenest electrons available and reducing strain on the energy grid.

Agile is perfect for people with electric cars, heat pumps, home batteries and any other big energy-intensive appliances.

We wrote this report when we first released Agile Octopus, so the cap, rates and standing charges mentioned have now been updated to reflect market changes.

How do I join Agile?

Whether you’re brand new to Octopus, or you’re already a customer of ours, head to our Agile Octopus page below to sign up and get all the information you need:

You’ll first need a smart meter we can get half-hourly meter readings from (either a second generation ‘SMETS2’ meter or a first generation ‘SMETS1’ meter made by Secure). Here’s how to work out what type of meter you have.

If you don’t have a suitable smart meter yet, you can still sign up for Agile and we’ll get in contact with you to arrange a smart meter installation as soon as possible.

Please note, there may be times when we can’t install your smart meter right away. This is generally due to local Covid restrictions, WAN coverage in your area, and engineer availability. To find out more, we've written a blog explaining why we can’t always give an exact timeframe for your smart meter installation.