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What is the Smart Export Guarantee Tariff, and how do I join?

On the Octopus Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff, customers get paid for any electricity they export to the grid (via home solar generation, smart batteries, wind turbines, biogas, biomass, CCGT, CHP, crop, hydro and more).

Customers earn a flat rate of 4.1p/kWh for every unit of power they export.

Why choose our SEG tariff?

We have a few different export tariff options. You can read more about our smart Outgoing Octopus tariff here. So, is SEG the one for you?

Our SEG tariff is perfect for people who’d like to join Octopus for their energy export, but stay with a different supplier for their import tariff (i.e., the power your home uses from the grid). It’s also a great option for people who want to use Octopus Go for their import tariff, and are also keen to keep getting paid for their exports at the same time.

How do I join Octopus’ Smart Export Guarantee tariff?

Whether you’re brand new to Octopus, or you’re already a customer of ours, once you're sure that you meet the criteria below, fill out our application form to sign up.

If you’re looking to export anything other than energy generated by solar PV, you should get in touch with smart@octopus.energy as you will likely not have an MCS certificate - which contains the details we would usually use to sign you up.

If you’re interested in exporting energy generated by home solar PV via our Smart Export Guarantee tariff, then there’s a few things that you’ll need:

Once you have the information above, you can get started with Octopus' Smart Export Guarantee tariff.

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