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How do I refund the credit on my account?

It's important to always have some credit on your energy account to help cover changes in usage throughout the year (whether that's regular seasonal changes like increased heating during winter, or unexpected new circumstances at home). Having some energy credit means that if your charges go up, you can avoid having to make any big one-off payments.

We'll always keep a close eye on your credit balance to make sure it's where it should be, based on factors like your energy usage and the time of year (i.e. it's normal to have less credit on your account in Winter).

If we think you've got more credit on your energy account than you need, you'll be able to request the excess back as long as you've had an energy bill based on real meter readings in the last 14 days. To ask for your credit back, just hit the little button underneath your balance on your online account dashboard.

If you think you're due a refund but you don't see an option on your online account, just email hello@octopus.energy to talk to the team. (Make sure you've given up-to-date meter readings within the last 14 days.)