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How do I read my meter?

Send us a reading at any time by clicking here.

There are a few different kinds of meters out there, so we’ve put together guides for taking manual readings from all of them. It’s super easy to do.

If you know which type yours is already, jump straight to right guide below

I have a smart meter:

Usually your smart meter is pretty ace at sending us meter readings automatically, so you don’t have to. But there are some cases where you’ll need to read your smart meter manually – for example, your first ever meter reading after you switch.

I don't have a smart meter
Not sure?
Why are meter readings so important?

Without meter readings, your bills are based on guesswork. We have to estimate how much power we think you’re using, and if we guess wrong, you can end up either paying too much every month, or not enough – which could leave you with a big surprise bill to pay down the line.

So regular meter readings are really important.

How do I submit a meter reading?

We know it’s a bit of a boring job, but we’ve made it really simple and quick:

  • Type the numbers into your monthly meter reading reminder without even logging into your account

  • Provide them online here

  • Use your camera to scan the readings via our app

  • Email them to us at hello@octopus.energy (either as a clear photo, or just type them out)

Every time you submit a reading, you get to spin a wheel of fortune for a chance to win up to £512 in credit.