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I have a smart meter, how do I know if it’s compatible with your system?

We can link to any SecureTM SMETS1 smart meter (hint: there'll be a Secure logo on the front of the meter), or any SMETS2 smart meter and make it smart again — we will connect to these meters automatically when you switch to us.

If it's not a Secure meter, it won't be compatible, and will become "dumb" — that is, it will work just like a normal meter. You'll lose the "smart" benefits, so will have to give us meter readings manually, and your In-Home Display might not work.

This supplier compatibility issue is one of the tricky things about the current smart meter model (SMETS1) being installed around the UK. As the newer model, SMETS2, gradually becomes available, we expect SMETS1 to become fully transferable between suppliers as well.