The Grantham Climate Art Prize - Competition now closed


We're working with Imperial College's Grantham Institute for Climate Change to paint powerful public art across the UK to raise awareness for biodiversity loss and climate change.

The competition was open to young people aged between 12-25. Their work will feature onΒ 7 murals in 7 different UK towns and cities inspired by locally endangered species.

What they won...

🎨 The artwork being turned into a beautiful public mural by a local artist

πŸ–Ό The work being featured in Natural History Museum galleries across the UK and projected on billboards across London

πŸ€‘ Β£250 cash!


The writing isn't on the wall - yet.

The brief:

Create a mural design that represents a message of hope in the face of climate change and biodiversity loss. Pick from one of our towns or cities where you'd like your mural design to come to life – featuring locally endangered species, use that area as your inspiration. Download the full Species Factsheets for each location below, carefully curated with the help of experts UK Youth for Nature.

Download the brief and species factsheet here

As with everything in life, there are rules:

  • The artwork must feature an endangered species that lives around the area
  • To participate you must be aged between 12-25 and live in Great Britain
  • You need to choose one of 7 UK areas from the options below – that's where your mural will be painted if you win, and also where your artwork needs to take inspiration from. (You don't need to live there!)
  • We know some artists best express themselves using profanity, but since these works are for public murals, please keep it clean for this project πŸ˜…

Check out our 7 locations for your murals

Choose whichever city inspires you most, and find out more about the locally endangered species specific to that location listed in the dropdown below so you can incorporate one or more of them into your art. The professional artist who'll be scaling up your artwork on the mural is also listed below.

A photo of a mural location in Glasgow



Location: SWG3 Railway Arch

Mural Painters: Ciaran Globel and Conzo Throb

Locally Endangered Species:

  1. Basking Shark
  2. Bluebell
  3. Common Toad
  4. Golden-ringed Dragonfly
  5. Pine Marten
  6. Red Squirrel
  7. Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Butterfly
  8. Water Vole
  9. White-tailed Eagle
  10. Wildcat

Hackney, London


Location: Daubeney Road

Mural Painters: Michelle Meola

Locally Endangered Species:

  1. British Grass Snake
  2. Brown-banded carder bee
  3. Cinnabar Moth
  4. Common Toad
  5. European Eel
  6. Horehound Longhorn Moth
  7. House Sparrow
  8. Song Thrush
  9. Stag Beetle
  10. Soprano Pipistrelle Bat
A photo of a mural location in Brighton



Location: The Level

Mural Painter: Charlie Rallings

Locally Endangered species:

  1. Adder
  2. Adonis Blue Butterfly
  3. Brown-banded Carder Bee
  4. Common Starling
  5. Downland Furrow Bee
  6. European Eel
  7. Fairy Shrimp
  8. Kelp Forest
  9. Red Star Thistle
  10. Short-snouted Seahorse
A photo of a mural location in Leicester



(The two right hand panels)

Location: North Bridge Place

Mural Painter: Provided by Graffwerk Projects

Locally Endangered Species:

  1. Barn Owl
  2. Black Poplar
  3. Black Redstart
  4. European Hedgehog
  5. Great Crested Newt
  6. Large Garden Bumblebee
  7. Otter
  8. Peregrine Falcon
  9. Spreading Bellflower
  10. Swift
A photo of a mural location in Nottingham



Location: Wollaton Hall

Mural Painter: Anna Wheelhouse

Locally Endangered Species:

  1. Atlantic Salmon
  2. Barbastelle Bat
  3. Eurasian Beaver
  4. Grass-of-parnassus
  5. Grizzled Skipper
  6. Hazel Doormouse
  7. Nottingham Catchfly
  8. Peregrine Falcon
  9. Water Vole
  10. White-clawed Crayfish
A photo of a mural location in Rochdale



Location: Baillie Street

Mural Painter: Bushra Sultana

Locally Endangered Species:

  1. Brown Hare
  2. Floating Water plantain
  3. Grass-wrack Pondweed
  4. Grey Heron
  5. Pond Mud Snail
  6. Slow-worm
  7. Sphagnum Moss
  8. Twite
  9. Water Vole
  10. White-clawed Crayfish
A photo of a mural location in Stoke-on-Trent



(The wall by the canal)

Location: Port Street

Mural Painter: Grega Greaves

Locally Endangered Species:

  1. Barn Owl
  2. Depressed River Mussel
  3. Dingy Skipper Butterfly
  4. Grass Snake
  5. Logjammer Hoverfly
  6. Northern Yellow Splinter Cranefly
  7. Scarce Black Mining Bee
  8. Snipe
  9. White-clawed Crayfish
  10. White-letter Hairstreak

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