The Grantham Climate Art Prize: An art competition for young people to install a message of hope for the future

We wanted to paint powerful public art across the UK to raise awareness for biodiversity loss and climate change, working with the Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London, the Natural History Museum’s Real World Science network and UK Youth for Nature. Amazingly, over 100 original and inventive designs flooded our way from young people aged 12-25, representing climate change through art.

We want to showcase their artwork far and wide, starting with this online gallery.

Climate Change Street Art - Grantham Climate Art Prize Winners


Earth & Nature Climate Change - Artwork Entry

Colin aged 14

Earth & Nature Climate Change - Finished Mural

Location: SWG3 Railway Arch


We can bee in harmonee - Artwork Entry

Kirsty aged 22

We can bee in harmonee - Finished Mural

Location: Wollaton Hall


Our Home Too - Artwork Entry

Jasmine aged 23

Our Home Too - Mural Wall

Location: Port Street (by the canal)


The future, Is up to you - Artwork Entry

Stephany aged 25

The future, Is up to you - Finished Mural

Location: North Bridge Place

Hope - Artwork Entry

Julia aged 18


Hope - Mural Wall

Location: The Levels opposite the college


Taking Flight - Artwork Entry

Mayokum Janet Alao aged 15

Taking Flight - Finished Mural

Location: Baillie Street


Citizen Award

Mya aged 24

Citizen Award - Painted Mural

Location: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Runners up

Seahorses in the seaweed

Alexander aged 22

Please Look Out For Us!

Molly aged 22

Keep Brighton Wild

Lulu aged 19

Save Our Oceans

Isabella aged 13

Nature is behind every city

Alexandra aged 22

Bright Side

Daniel aged 17

The Red Deforestation

Keira aged 12

Just the opposite

Natalia aged 21

Bees at Work

Serena aged 19


Pierce aged 22

Unite and protect our environment

Sena aged 16

The game ends when the tower falls

Aleksandra aged 20

We Share This Planet

Urvi aged 23

Save our Summer

Ria aged 19

Colours of Leicestershire

Tabby aged 13

The dragon den

Hanbo aged 25

A Tralfamadormouse

Anna (Yuyi) aged 18

Our Vibrant Home

Ginny aged 19

Falcon’s Freedom

Josh aged 12

Stained Glass 'Window'

Alexander aged 22

Keep the world turning

Lola aged 13

Heron of Hope and Freedom.

Jennifer aged 24


Tillie-Mae aged 12

Protect the Pollinators!

Esme aged 16

White clawed crayfish

Ana aged 23

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