EV charging made simple with Fiat & Octopus Energy

If you're thinking about an electric vehicle or have already placed an order, you'll want to know how you can charge for less.

We've created home and on the road charging solutions to make topping up cheaper and easier:

EV charger From £899. Install an electric vehicle charger at home with Octopus Energy for cheaper, more convenient charging
Intelligent Octopus Go
Energy tariff Save up to 70% a month when charging with our specialised EV tariff Intelligent Octopus Go, compared to petrol equivalent
Public charging Public charging made simple with one-card access to over 651,325 chargers in the UK and Europe
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Introducing Ohme

Charger installation in the safe tentacles of an Octopus engineer. Our engineers install EV chargers and smart meters so you have everything you need to charge and save at home. Ohme chargers are integrated with Intelligent Octopus Go so you can benefit from our world class technology and charge for less.

Untethered Ohme ePod from £899

Tethered Ohme Home Pro from £975

*Works with Intelligent Octopus Go*

  • Fast charging at 7kW (about 25 mi/hr)
  • 3G/4G connectivity (easy to set up, no wifi issues)
  • App-controlled
  • Universal socket; compatible with all plug-in EVs
  • We’ll check for any grants you may be eligible for
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Already have a charger?

If you already have an Ohme charger sign up for Intelligent Octopus Go here.

If you have any other brand of EV charger, check out our other smart tariffs.

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The easiest and cheapest way to home charge your EV

We've designed specific tariffs to allow EV drivers to charge overnight at a super cheap rate. Our Intelligent Octopus Go energy tariff will save you over £100 a month on average, compared with a default tariff!

Fiat drivers will need an Ohme Home pro charger to join Intelligent Octopus Go. If you already have a charger, check out our other EV tariff, Octopus Go.

charging at your fingertips

Cheap charging at your fingertips

Get six hours of cheap, green energy from 11.30 pm to 5.30 am every night, for home and charging.

With our handy, hassle-free app, you're in control. Use the app to specify when you need your car charged, and by how much. Track your energy spend at a glance, broken down by charging and home use.

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8% off public charging!

As an Intelligent Octopus Go customer, you'll get 8% off public charging at thousands of locations through Octopus Electroverse! Simply log in with your Octopus account and the discount will automatically apply

Any questions?

Read our Intelligent Octopus Go FAQs

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Charging on the go

One-tap access to over 651,325 public chargers across the UK and Europe with Octopus Electroverse


Charging your electric car used to mean a plethora of different cards, apps and subscriptions. Not anymore.

Electroverse gives you access to thousands of chargers with a single card and app, and a ton of useful driver features such as route planning and filtering chargers by your EV. Plus if you're an Octopus Energy home customer, your bills can be linked for the ultimate simplicity.

And the best bit? There are zero added costs or on-going fees - you'll simply pay the normal cost of using the charger - and in some cases, we offer a discounted rate!


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