What makes Octopus so....Octopus?

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Being Britain’s most awarded energy supplier is about a whole lot more than cheaper deals. We’re transforming the industry: building tech to make energy greener, fairer, and genuinely better for people around the world.

With the energy sector in crisis, and countless suppliers going bust, you need to be able to trust that we’re here to stay and we’ll do what’s right.

Here are a few things you should know.

Our prices are fair: so much so that right now we’re not making a profit

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In normal times, we only charge you for what it costs us to supply your power, with 5% on top to cover our business costs.

Throughout the crisis, we’ve repeatedly cut into that 5%, spending £100 million from our pocket so far to keep our prices lower, because that’s the right thing to do.

Customers who stick with us, save (£1,151 in five years)

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An average Octopus customer who fixed their prices with us back when we launched in August 2016 and then rolled onto and stayed on our standard variable tariff up to the present day would’ve saved £1151 over the years, vs them doing the same with a Big 6 supplier.

Instead of a cheap deal that gets jacked up later, with us you always get truly good value long term.

In hard times, we look after people

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We were the only energy supplier who kept answering phones as normal during the first lockdown. We'll always be here to give customers the help they need.

We take extra care of customers who are struggling to pay

with schemes like free electric blankets and loaning thermal cameras that find heat loss in leaky homes – on top of our £2.5 million Financial Hardship Fund.

Our tech keeps your prices low – and does a lot more

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We’ve built an energy platform that outperforms all others: it makes us lean and efficient so we can keep your prices lower. It empowers our team to look after you better.

And it’s incredibly agile, constantly growing and fit for a 100% green future.

We’re taking our tried and tested tech to the world

Massive businesses from Australia, Japan, Canada and America – including Generation, the sustainable fund co-chaired by Al Gore – have invested in us to make our little British startup a global green revolution.

Octopus Energy's already in Germany, the USA, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, and Italy (so far).


We’re creating 1000s of great green jobs during the pandemic

While other energy businesses are sadly going under or laying people off, we’re growing, creating more opportunities in the green economy for engineers, customer champions, developers and more.

We’ve hired 1,500 people since March 2020, and expect to fill 2,000 more green jobs in the next year.

We invest billions into wind turbines and solar panels

We’re one of Europe’s largest investors in green energy, managing enough renewable generators to power 1.2 million homes.

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Importantly, we put people at the centre of our green power. Right now, we’re developing £10 million worth of community-owned wind turbines that give nearby homes cheaper power when it’s windy.

We're working to make it possible and affordable for the world to move to 100% renewable energy

from launching one-of-a-kind smart tariffs for EVs and smart homes, driving cutting-edge energy research at the Centre for Net Zero, to training 1,000s of engineers to install the future of green heating at our low-carbon heat R&D centre.

Most importantly… we’re humans who love looking after humans

There’s a reason we’re rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot based on 80,000+ honest customer reviews, have been named Which?’s Recommended Provider four years in a row, and were voted by the public as USwitch Best Customer Service award 2021.

Our team is made up of smart, compassionate people who genuinely want to help, and our technology frees them up to do just that.

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Published on 11th January 2022 by:

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Rebecca Dibb-Simkin

Director of Product and Marketing

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