Carbon neutral gas with Renewable World


At Octopus we provide 100% renewable electricity as standard, and for customers who also want carbon neutral gas, we offer our Super Green tariff.

For Super Green customers, we calculate the carbon emissions from their gas use over the course of the year and purchase the equivalent amount of carbon offsetting credits through our partner Renewable World. This way, you get carbon neutral energy and while helping to support clean, sustainable energy projects.

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Renewable World

Our carbon offsetting partner

We work with Renewable World to carefully select projects that guarantee a reduction in carbon commissions, but also tackle poverty, promote energy independence and improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Our flagship projects currently include investing in cleaner cookstoves, solar panels and biogas!

From 2018-2020 we offset over 272,408 tonnes of carbon emissions through our partnership with Renewable World.

cook stoves

Cookstoves in Nepal & Tanzania

Providing Safe, clean cooking

It's something we take for granted - the ability to cook safely, without having to endure toxic smoke, or spend hours a day sourcing fuel. But for almost half the world's population, open fire and carbon intensive hard fuels are all that's available. Women and children who spend more time at home are most directly impacted, and this also limits their access to opportunities like education and employment.

That's why cleaner cooking stoves are essential in order to address energy poverty, by reducing emissions and ensuring energy security for billions of people. By supporting the distribution of clean, efficient cookstoves (and fuel), we can transform the way the world cooks - saving lives and empowering women in the process.

More info here.

I love my Envirofit stove. Before I bought my new stove, every three days I had to walk to the forest 13 kilometers away to get more wood and I’ve done this since I was a young girl... now, with the Envirofit I make this journey once a’s made my life better because I no longer have to work so hard to cook and to heat water for my family.”

cook stoves

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Bhadla Solar India

Harnessing the power of the sun

Currently, 75% of India's energy needs are met through burning fossil fuels.

The purpose of this project is to harness India's high solar energy potential and generate renewable power that feeds into the regional state grid system. This electricity is supplying clean, affordable energy to homes throughout Rajasthan and supports increased economic growth in the region.

The project is estimated to replace approx. 694,471 tonnes of carbon per year with clean electricity!

More info here.

cook stoves

Image credit - Climate care

Biogas in China

Creating energy from animal waste

This project empowers farmers to take control of their own energy supply by building household biogas digesters. This means that instead of open pit latrines and open animal manure stores, there is improved sanitation for the community and also long-term, renewable access to clean fuel for cooking and heating.

It also means that instead of using coal, which emits CO2 and dangerous indoor fumes, families can enjoy a healthier living environment, with living expenses reduced by 40%.

More info here.

"We keep pigs and before the programme I used to compost the waste. The manure used to be in the pits and it smelled very bad. Now it's much cleaner to have the waste directly entered into the biogas digester. It’s very convenient and I use slurry from the digester as a fertiliser on my crops. This way saves some money as well."

On average, each Super Green customer will offset 2.2 tonnes of carbon in a year. This is around the same as 3 one-way flights from London to New York.


What is carbon offsetting?

Put simply, for every tonne of CO2 you emit through your gas usage, we invest in carbon reduction projects to make sure there is one tonne less going into the atmosphere. We do this through Gold Verified carbon credits, which are a recognised way that companies and individuals can take responsibility for their unavoidable carbon emissions. The offset credits are 'retired' after purchase to avoid double counting.

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