Introducing Power Hour: An hour of free smart green electricity


Power Hour has now finished!

Thousands of smart meter customers enjoyed one hour of free, green electricity every month between August 2021 and December 2022.

Customers were given the option to donate their Power Hour credit to National Energy Action and thanks to their generosity - we've donated over £10,000.

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Green energy is cheap energy, and it’s getting cheaper every year.

What’s more: whenever it’s really sunny, really windy, or both, we get loads of energy from producers all over Britain – and we think the best way to make sure it gets put to good use is to encourage everyone to use it when it’s plentiful.

That’s why we’re introducing Power Hourone hour of free green electricity every month between August 2021 and December 2022 for customers with connected smart meters. The Power Hour will change each month – it will be one of the cheapest, greenest daylight hours for the whole month, as forecast by our boffins.

We’ll send everyone who’s signed up an email within 24 hours of the Power Hour.

I’m in! How can I join?

All you need to get involved is a smart meter we can connect to: that’s either a SMETS2 or Secure SMETS1 meter. Got that? Once you do, we’ll reach out with more information on how you can opt into Power Hour, so be on the look out!

If you don’t have smart meters yet, we should be able to install them fairly quickly, depending on where you live and a few other factors (like how strong the smart meter network is in your area).

Login to your online account to see if there are smart meter appointments available in your area. If there are open slots, you'll see it in the banner at the top of your account dashboard. If there are none available, do keep checking back, as new slots come up all the time. If you can’t find a slot and it’s been more than two weeks, just get in touch and we’ll help.

After your meter is successfully installed, and we’re fully connected to it (generally takes up to two weeks after install) we’ll email you with more info about Power Hour.

Check out our terms & conditions

If you've already got a smart meter we're connected to...

Here's what you have to look forward to with a smart meter:

  • Automatic meter readings

That’s right - no more battling hairy spiders to get to your meter. Smart meters take your readings, so you don't have to lift a finger.

  • Track your energy usage in pounds and pence with smart insights

You can see how much you’re spending every day, week or month so that you can stay on top of your costs.

  • Identify ways to cut costs

Using your complimentary in-home display, you’ll be able to see where you’re draining the most energy – this can help you figure out whether you need to adapt your usage or even upgrade some appliances to more energy-efficient ones!

  • More accurate statements

Smart meters send us your usage data so you'll only be charged for what you use.

By getting a smart meter, you’re helping the UK’s energy system get greener, and smarter. This new generation of meters will allow us to better match supply with demand, make the most of the UK’s abundant sunny and windy electrons, and bring even more renewable energy sources into the system.

If you have any other questions, just get in touch.

Power Hour FAQs

How do I know I’ve opted in?


Once you’ve filled out the online form we’ve sent to you in the email about your successful smart meter installation, you should be good to go.

How will I be credited for Power Hour?


The Power Hour will be in the form of credit applied automatically within 30 days of the Power Hour to your Octopus Energy account.

What if my meter reading cannot be taken?


In the event that a meter reading of the Power Hour cannot be taken from your smart meter within 72 hours after a Power Hour event, you will be credited with a sum equal to the value of the average consumption of all Power Hour participants.

Do I have to be on a smart tariff to be eligible?


Nope! You just have to be an Octopus Energy customer, have a smart meter that we can connect to and to have opted in with the form provided in the email notifying you that we’re fully connected to your smart meter (generally takes up to two weeks after install).

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