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Arsenal FC: they’re by far the greenest team the world has ever seen!

Octopus Energy and Arsenal FC teamed up back in 2016 when Arsenal became the first team in the Premier League to power its stadium with 100% renewable energy.

6 years later and we are both still very committed to making the club more sustainable.

Octopus has assisted Arsenal to save 2.32mn kg of C02 per year, the equivalent weight of 844 double-decker buses, or the annual carbon emissions of 2673 fans just by powering the Emirates Stadium.

Since beginning our long standing partnership, we also started powering London Colney training ground, have planted 50,000 trees with the club, held sustainability classes for local children and installed EV chargers at the stadium.

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Green Army

Arsenal matches are powered by 100% renewable electricity! We installed a 3MW battery at Emirates Stadium. This mega-battery can store enough green electricity to power the stadium for an entire game or power 2,700 homes for two hours.

103 games have been played using sustainable energy to power the stadium, ranking the Gunners number one in the sustainability for the Premier League!

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Battery powered Emirates Stadium

Arsenal emirates stadium battery
Over 103 games have been played using sustainable energy to power the stadium

Our energy experts hatched an idea to instal a giant battery in the Emirates Stadium that was capable of helping the grid balance itself

Thanks to the giant battery at the stadium, Arsenal can avoid using the grid during peak hours when energy is ‘dirty’ and more expensive. They avoid these peak power prices by buying electricity when its cheaper and storing it for usage when prices are high.

This ensures that Arsenal are protecting the atmosphere from extra carbon emissions even while matches are being played - and Octopus Energy supplies the battery with 100% green power.

EV chargers at the Emirates Stadium

Leading the charge

We've helped Emirates Stadium install 6 EV chargers helping EV driver supporters to charge using 100% renewable electricity during games.

Bellerin, Cech & Ramsey helping us plant trees at Colney Wood

Tree-Nil to the Arsenal

Octopus and Arsenal have planted thousands of native trees together from the training grounds of Colney to schools in the local area. We even planted trees in the Amazon Rainforest to support critically important ecosystems and local people who rely and know the forest.
Back in 2020, Hector Bellerin, ex defender of Arsenal and present defender of the Planet, pledged to plant a whopping 3,000 trees for every game the Gunners won in June and July in a fantastic green team-up with One Tree Planted. And we've matched that, tree for tree!

Overall, we have planted nearly 50,000 trees together!

Arsenal tariff competition winners

Arsenal Supporter Tariff

Our special Arsenal tariff gives customers 100% renewable electricity and enters them into regular prize draws too. Since our partnership began, thousands of supporters have switched to green power.

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Fun we've had with Arsenal over the years

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