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Octopus Tracker is Britain’s first tariff to truly follow the wholesale price of energy.

Every day, we update the price of your energy based on an independently published wholesale market price — the price available to all suppliers.

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Your daily energy charges at your fingertips

See what you’re spending on any given day, and how it compares to what you’d spend on the average variable tariff

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See where your money’s going

Get the breakdown of your daily price and see what you’re paying for energy, distribution, environmental & social obligations — even exactly how much is going to us at Octopus Energy

Daily updates to your annual energy forecast

Each day we use the latest price and usage estimates to update your energy forecast for the next 12 months

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How do costs compare?

Data scientist and all-around good guy David Sykes shows how Octopus Tracker compares to the current Big 6 variable tariffs.

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Daily price updates that follow the wholesale cost of energy

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100% renewable electricity

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