Tesla Energy Plan Terms and Conditions

You consent to Octopus Energy collecting half hourly import and export meter readings from your Secure-branded or SMETS2 smart meter.

You consent to Tesla remotely controlling your Powerwall and remotely controlling the time and rate of your Tesla electric vehicle charging if applicable (within constraints set by you with regards to certain elements, e.g. departure time and required battery state of charge at that point), in collaboration with Octopus Energy for the purpose of both charging and grid export optimization within the described offer.

You agree to provide Octopus Energy with your Serial Number for your Tesla Powerwall, your MSC Certificate number for your solar system and your DNO confirmation.

You consent to Octopus Energy sharing your personal data with Tesla for the purposes of supplying you with this tariff.

You understand that if your predicted annual consumption (based on industry standards) between the hours of 07:00 and 19:30 goes above 9,500kWh, per-Powerwall-installed, Octopus Energy reserves the right to move you to an alternative Octopus Energy tariff.

If Octopus Energy supply your Feed-in-Tariff (FiT), by accepting the Tesla Tariff you agree to your FiT export payments stopping and being replaced by export payments from the Tesla Tariff. If Octopus Energy is not your FiT supplier, you agree to inform your current FiT supplier that you should no longer receive export payments from them as they have been replaced by export payments from the Tesla Tariff.

When the fixed term of your Tesla Tariff comes to an end, unless you elect to stay on the Tesla Tariff, optimization of your Powerwall will cease and remote Tesla Energy Plan optimization of your Powerwall will cease.

Tesla Energy Plan is a fixed import and export tariff, with your daily standing charge and quoted day rate per kWh fixed for 12 months.

Tesla Energy Plan is a beta product. This means some things may not work first time or may break and that on occasion data issues with smart meters can take significant time to fix or prevent things working at all. You will always be able to switch to one of our fairly priced standard tariffs at any time.

You accept Octopus Energy’s Terms and Conditions for Export Tariff.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions will trigger your switch to the Tesla Energy Plan import tariff. Once we have everything we need to set up your export MPAN, we will also move you onto our Tesla Energy Plan export tariff.

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