Shell pre-pay customer information

Hello! You're probably here because you're a Shell Energy customer and your account is about to move to Octopus Energy (or has already).

Depending on your meter type, the way you top up might be changing soon. We've included some simple information on what you need to know below.

Octopus will email you or send you a letter when your account has moved to us with a link to set up a new password for your Octopus account.

Your meter balances will remain unaffected by the move to Octopus and your tariff will remain the same.

Smart prepay meter customers

If you normally top up via the PayPoint app you should be aware that this will no longer work when you move to Octopus. Instead you can now top up online at, over the phone, or on the Octopus Energy app.

Once you have access to your account you can view your PAN number and top up in the app. We will also be sending out a new top up card to your address.

Customer friendly credit hours will be from 4pm to 10am.

Take a look at our handy guides and FAQs for more.

Traditional pre-pay meters

You can continue to top up at Payzone, Paypoint and the Post Office.


  • Electricity customers can continue using the same key.


  • Gas customers will get a new card delivered to their address.
  • While waiting for the new card, you should continue using the current card and you will be able to continue topping up.
  • If you still have any credit on your old card you should use that up before switching to the new card.

I can't top up in the PayPoint app, what do I do?


The PayPoint app will no longer work for Smart Prepay as you go Shell customers who have been moved over to Octopus. Instead, you'll need to start topping up via the Octopus Energy app or online account. If you have migrated you should have received an email or letter from us to share your new account information. If you haven't received this, you'll need to give us a call at Octopus so we can help you: 0808 164 1088

Why are things changing?


In December, Octopus announced it was acquiring Shell Energy Retail's 1.4 million customers. This means any Shell Energy customer will be moved over to Octopus systems in the first half of 2024. For prepay customers, this means the way you top up might be changing. Read the information above for more details.

How can I set up an Octopus Energy account?


When your account moves from Shell to Octopus, we will send you an email or letter to let you know using the information you provided to Shell.

This will direct you to set up a new password and share your account number. Until you receive this information you don't need to do anything.

What happens to my meter balance?


Your meter balance will be moved over to Octopus Energy.

Will my tariff stay the same?


Your tariff won't be impacted by the move to Octopus.

Can I switch to a different tariff?


Yes! If you fancy upgrading to a smart meter you can also do this yourself on our website, for anything else you can give us a call to discuss your options on 0808 164 1088.

How do I upgrade to a smart meter?


If you are interested in upgrading to a smart meter you can do this yourself on our website.

When will I get my new top up card?


For smart prepay we will send out the card within a couple of days of your receiving your email, you can also find your new PAN code in the Octopus Energy app.

Where can I find my new PAN number


You should receive an email with your PAN number on the day you migrate. It is also available on the Octopus Energy app, or you can call us on 0808 164 1088.

I don't have an email from Octopus Energy, what do I do?


If you haven't received a letter or email and your usual top up methods aren't working, please give us a call on 0808 164 1088. You'll need to provide the name and address of the account user for the Shell Energy account that was migrated.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!