Service with Respect

When our people come to work, they‘re here to provide outrageously good service.

We really mean that: it’s why we’ve consistently been one of the highest rated energy companies on Trustpilot, and winners of many, many customer service awards.

If you get in touch with us, the person at the other end of your call or email is a human; just like you.

We understand energy can be frustrating and worrying. Everyone here is a bill payer; just like you.

While they might not be in front of you, your words and actions can have real impacts. Treating people with kindness costs you nothing, but means everything to us.

That’s why we have a zero tolerance policy for:

  • Abusive and derogatory language
  • Sexual harassment
  • Threats of violence

If you don’t respect that, we can:

  1. Put you on hold or terminate your call
  2. Only communicate with you via writing
  3. Report serious threats to the police

Octopus Energy are supporters of the campaign for Service with Respect.

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